arcade skateboards review

ARCADE Skateboards Review

Instead of buying skateboards that are only for beginners, Arcade has a skateboard that fills beginner riders’ needs and the pros’ needs. It is flexible enough for first-time learners and suitable for riders who want to practice flips and tricks. When you start to level up your skating game, you won’t need to purchase another skateboard because the Arcade Pro Skateboard can already accommodate your needs. 

Arcade Pro Skate Board 31" Standard Complete...
START SKATING, LIKE A PRO! For a beginner skateboard that feels like anything but, we designed the Arcade Skateboard! This pre-assembled board is flexi enough for learning tricks and flips, while precision trucks, bearings, axles and wheels give you the freedom to practice turning and carving without getting stuck!

Why Choose Arcade Pro Skateboard?

Arcade Pro Skateboard 31

Included in the best skateboard for beginners in 2021, Arcade Pro Skateboard has the perfect features from beginners to pros that start their skateboarding journey. Here are Arcade Pro Skateboard’s key features that you will surely know that the skateboard’s overall construction and design were well-planned.

Light, Yet Strong 

Arcade Pro Skateboard 31

Made up of 7-ply maple wood, its deck holds up to 220 lbs, which is why the deck is durable and lightweight. It is also built for any height and can take up to size 12 shoes. Its perfect concave shape helps riders to do any trick out on their starting day. The deck has injected PU wheels that have a good grip and give an extra speed when needed. 

The Arcade Pro Skateboard comes with a 2-year manufacturing warranty. You won’t need to worry about the risk of purchasing the skateboard because it has a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case you have problems with the skateboard, they have a US-based customer service which you can call anytime. 

Stable Wheels and Trucks

The Arcade Pro Skateboard has 54mm inject PU wheels, which helps improve stability. It gives the rider the proper precision to quickly move while turning and carving without getting stuck. Its trucks and axles support beginners because grip tape is applied to the board. You won’t need to worry about falling so much on your first try.

Stylish Designs 

The Arcade Pro Skateboard has different colors and designs that will surely capture the eyes of the people. It comes with free stickers so you can upgrade the look of your skateboard to your liking. You can choose your skateboard from Origin, Lava, Mushroom Dude, Ying Yang Cats, or Ducky Tube. On top of that, the board’s top grip tape is hard stuck; thus, it won’t easily come off, unlike other skateboards. 

Deck Graphics & Colors

Key Features

Arcade Pro Skateboard 31

The Arcade Pro has the best parts to give you the most satisfying and safe ride. You don’t need to replace the parts because the whole skateboard is well-built for all ages and terrain. Below are the Arcade Pro Skateboard’s detailed specifications:

  • 54mm Injected PU Wheels / 32mm wide
  • Wheels: 55mm Injected Pu Wheels
  • Size of the Wheels: 32 mm wide
  • Included in the Wheels: 95a Durometer, which improves speed and gives grip
  • ABEC 7 Bearings 
  • Tough but Light T-6061 Aircraft Aluminum Trucks
  • Board: Made up of 7-Ply Maple Wood Deck
  • It has a 1-degree concave design
  • Carbon Steel Axles for support

Are Arcade Skateboards Good?

Arcade Pro Skateboard 31

When it comes to making skateboards the Arcade Pro Skateboard has received many excellent reviews. Nothing is more satisfying than a skateboard that you can ride from day one until you level up your game. Its features are suitable for all ages, making it the best choice for beginners and even pros.

Another thing we love about Arcade Pro Skateboard is it’s customizable. You can choose up to 5 designs and can even add more stickers to spice up your deck. This skateboard is excellent not only for personal use but also great for gifts. Lastly, this is a wholly packaged skateboard, so there’s nothing to tighten, assemble, or buy. 

Final Thoughts

Arcade Pro Skate Board 31" Standard Complete...
WHO’S IT FOR? Arcade Pro Skateboards are for all beginners! They’re skateboards for kids and also skateboards for adults who know that any time is the best time to learn! Your Arcade Pro Skateboard can hold 220lbs, built for any height and with a 7.75 x 31.25 inch deck, takes up to size 12 shoes.

If you’re looking for a perfect skateboard for beginners and season riders, then the Arcade Pro Skateboard is for you. With its detailed specifications and unique features, this skateboard won’t disappoint you. 

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