Best Arcade Pro Scooters

Best Arcade Pro Scooters

Choosing the best pro scooter eventually comes down to the person using the scooter. There is an abundance of great brands and complete scooters available in the market. However, there truly is certifiably not a one size fit all answer for the question, “What is the best Arcade pro scooter?” Here is how we rank the 3 Arcade brand pro scooters.

3 Best Arcade Stunt Scooters

A moderately fresher brand Arcade is overwhelming the stunt scooter scene! What makes their scooter stand apart is the unique intricate neck design and bold shadings and patterns. Arcade scooters champion positivity.

1. Arcade Pro Scooters Plus Stunt Scooter

Built more rigid and more robust, the Arcade Plus has anodized aluminum fixes so children can do considerably more tricks. It has an updated supported handlebar, solid 3D-stepped fork, a headtube cutout, custom neck, smoother bearings, dynamic design, and a broader and stronger deck. Manufacturers designed the Arcade Plus to take kids easily from intermediate to pro.

Your child will be the coolest in the park. While every other person clatters around on different scooters, your children will whizz around on their Arcade Plus + with its new illustrations, smooth tires, and responsive brake.

The company has heard the accounts as well, stunt scooters showing up damaged! So the Arcade Plus+ comes safely bundled to stay away from disappointment. When it shows up, the only thing you need to do is add the back peg and fix two screws since the Arcade Plus+ comes previously dialed.

With over ten years in scooter design, the company presents the Arcade Plus+ Pro Scooter! It’s a lightweight 8.5 lbs. scooter outfitted with a 23″ high T-bar, worked for intermediate and master riders, kids aged 7+. It can take up to 220 lbs. and accompanies a 30-day warranty in addition to a month of money-back guarantee and a USA-based client support division.

Why We Love It

Arcade Pro Scooters Plus Stunt Scooter for Kids 10 Years and Up - Perfect for Intermediate Boys and Girls - Best Trick Scooter for BMX Freestyle Tricks (ARCADE Plus - Ultra Lava)

The scooter provides a quiet and stable glide. You can’t float with tacky bearings, which is why most entry-level kick scooters include inferior non-evaluated bearings. However, the Arcade Plus + is fitted with ABEC-7.

They additionally wrapped their built-up T-bars in altered 117mm TPR grips and arranged an 83-degree headtube for a steady ride as you skim! They tweaked the fork and brake so that you could switch their custom 100mm aluminum wheels for 110mm as well!

Top Customer Reviews

Users loved the easy installation of the scooter. With children of different shapes, sizes, and ages, they can all say that anyone can fit on the scooter without any problem. Because of its durability, they can also guarantee that it can carry even heavy children, not more than 220 lbs.

2. Arcade Pro Scooters – Stunt Scooter for Kids 8 Years and Up

What do kids cherish most about the Arcade Stunt Scooter? They can ride it hard, actually like their legends! What’s more, what do guardians adore? It’s one of the most secure section-level stunt scooters around! 

Furthermore, that is because this pro scooter is loaded with parts everybody loves. Solid Forks, Smooth Bearings, Solid Concave Deck, and Dynamic Design – the Arcade is assembled extremely, simple to ride, and cool to progress kids efficiently from novice to professional level stunts.

The Custom Arcade Deck includes a One Degree Concave Design. It’s smooth enough for amateurs to get familiar with the expertise of coasting alongside strong foot position. However, it offers the adaptability for when they’re sufficiently valiant to attempt those first deceives!

Produced using 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum, this deck is extreme as it seems to be light! Everybody realizes you can’t go quick with a tacky low execution course, and there’s nothing more fulfilling than the sound of smooth wheels on a smooth surface. 

While most section-level kick scooters highlight crummy non-Rated Bearings, the Arcade is fitted with ABEC 7 since everybody merits high accuracy heading, especially novices. The wheels are created to be smooth and easy to ride.

While every other person clatters around their scooters, your children will look cool riding on their Arcade scooter. The company collaborated with professional riders and top creators to bring epic colorways to your scooter. 

Why We Love It

ARCADE Pro Scooters - Stunt Scooter for Kids 8 Years and Up - Perfect for Beginners Boys and Girls - Best Trick Scooter for BMX Freestyle Tricks (Gold/Teal)

When your Arcade scooter shows up, the solitary thing you need to do is fix two screws (guidelines included) because the Arcade comes previously dialed. That implies your absolute first ride feels smooth and safe, and in case you’re at the stunt level, that first hop feels clean with a remunerating fresh solid as you land.

Top Customer Reviews

Customers love the design and quality of the scooter. It rides smoothly against pavements due to the impressive bearings. They commend the sturdiness of the scooter and the numerous colors you can choose from.

3. Arcade Rogue Pro Scooters for Kids 8 Years and Up

When you’re purchasing your first pro scooter, you can get two choices: stunt scooters with large sticker prices or children scooters that are modest and “youngster.” This pro scooter rides like an expert, with a passage level cost.

What do kids admire most about the Arcade Rogue? They can ride it hard since it’s made utilizing the Pro Base parts without the things they don’t require yet. 

The Arcade Rogue Pro Scooter is the ultimate entry-level scooter wholly furnished with an aluminum boxed deck and a custom cross-braced neck. You’ll be surprised how comfortable it can be to control with its custom-made grasps on the T-bar.

Your kids can easily take control of the scooter due to it being ultra-lightweight, specially made for young riders. It has similar pro-base components for adult stunt scooters but without the parts that children don’t need. The scooter also offers safety with smooth-moving 85a tires and still inserts on its custom nylon brake.

Why We Love It

Arcade Rogue Pro Scooters for Kids 8 Years and Up (6 - 12 Years Old) – Beginner Kick Scooter / Stunt Scooter for Kids Freestyle, School Commute or Learn Trick Scooter Moves (Blue)

You won’t have any trouble assembling the scooter by yourself with its easy 2-minute assembly, including all the tools and instructions needed. 

The scooter is quite durable and robust with its smooth PU wheels, ABEC-7 bearings, and solid aircraft aluminum deck. It will give your kids the confidence they need to ride it on the streets in a professional style or hop and whip it at the skatepark.

Top Customer Reviews

Customers are impressed with how lightweight the scooter is and easy to assemble. Because of its lightweight, it makes it easy for riders to make the scooter portable and quick when doing tricks or stunts. Make their first ride memorable with the Arcade Rogue Pro Scooter.

Final Thoughts

Arcade pro scooters are great for newbies. It very well may be too hard for a fledgling to consider hand choosing each segment on their pro scooter. 

The Arcade Pro Scooters are great because it’s a speedy ride to bounce into the game of scootering and hit the skate park. When purchasing Arcade Pro Scooter, you get what you need to begin riding and use it to improve your skills.

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