Best District Pro Scooters

Best District Pro Scooters

Maybe you’ve heard about the all-new District Pro Scooters, and yes, you’re right, by the way. But it’s never easy picking one that’s worth your money. Not to worry, the District Pro Scooter brand is one of the sickest scooter brands you’d want to buy them all. But you don’t have to. We’re here to give you the specifics on which one to choose and what will works for you or your kids. 

1. District C050 Pro Scooter

The C050 model is better suited for individuals who have just begun taking their scooter riding to the next level. It is a great starter scooter for honing different skills. Right of the bat, the District C050 Pro Scooter is one of the better-designed models. It is very sleek and modern. The model comes in four colors, so there is a colorway for everyone. The scooter comes in mint green, black, red, and white. 

Why We Love It

District C050 Pro Scooter (Black)

The 135mm TPR grips on the scooter are the common ones you would see on any District scooter. It is made out of rubber and has a hex shape for more strength without it being heavier. The handlebars are around 22” wide with a new gusset design. The handlebars are also 22” tall. 

The scooter features 110mm Eagle Supply wheels, the standard durable wheels you can find on other District models. The deck is around 20 x 4.5”, perfect for riders who are just getting into pro scootering. The deck also features two grind rails at the bottom which are spaced further out than usual. One of the main features of the C050 is the new compression system called the Pytel system. It removes the need for a star nut for connecting the handlebars to the deck. That’s what makes the scooter lighter and easier to whip. 

The Pytel system also makes it easier if ever the handlebars come loose. It is a quick tightening of a few screws, and it is good to go. It doesn’t need to remove the handlebars and all that before tightening. The C050 weighs only around 6.7 pounds, making it one of the lightest pro scooters available on the market. It can be easily maneuvered and carried by almost anyone at any age. 

The C050 is also pretty easy to assemble. It comes in two parts; the handlebars and the deck. All that needs to be done is connect the two using the new compression system, and it is done. At $119.99, it is actually a pretty good price in the Pro scooter market. 

It may be a bit pricey for some, but the durability and the quality of the scooter, when ridden, more than makes up for it.  

2. District C152 Pro Scooter

The C152 model is intended for riders who have been riding their beginner scooter for a while. It can withstand more complicated tricks that may damage beginner-level scooters. The C152 is the scooter of choice for intermediate-level, heavier stunts. 

It comes in a well-protected box that is very solid. The scooter comes in two pre-assembled pieces, so it will not be too much trouble to put together. 

Why We Love It

District C152 Pro Scooter (Black/Black)

The deck comes with the wheels, brake already attached to it. The handlebars already have the grips attached to them as well. All there is to do is connect the two parts, and the scooter is good to go. The package also comes with a set of tools that are needed to assemble the scooter. 

Similar to other District pro scooters, the C152 model also incorporates the Pytel compression system in its design. It removes the need for a star nut for connecting the handlebars to the deck. You can expect a light and easy-to-whip scooter.

The Pytel system also makes it easier if ever the handlebars come loose. It is a quick tightening of a few screws, and it is good to go. It doesn’t need to remove the handlebars and all that before tightening. There is a difference between the Pytel compression system in the C050 and C152. The C152 has an extra bolt in the sleeve used to connect the handlebars to the deck, but there isn’t much difference in feel. It only makes the scooter more secure and a tad tighter. 

The handlebars on the C152 are a little taller than the other models with a 24” height. The handlebars are also leaning a little more into the broadside with 22”. The grips are the standard District scooter grips. The wheels are secured by Radix compatible forks for a very snug fit.  The Wheels are 110mm in diameter. The wheels on this scooter are the standard ones found in any of the District scooter models.

The deck is around 25 inches long and 4.5” wide to ensure ample foot space when riding. The Gussets on this scooter also have a different design since it is a slightly taller and longer model than the others. The C152 scooter also comes in five different colorways. The only things that vary are the deck colors and the accents on the handles, brakes, and grips. The range of designs makes it easy to find your type of colorway.

At $200, this is one of the more expensive scooters on the market. It is compensated with the quality of the scooter and the durability of it even after the wear and tear of doing tricks all day. 

3. District C253 Pro Scooter

All of advanced scooter riders HAVE TO GET the C253 District Pro Scooter. Yes, as soon as possible. We’re not exaggerating (okay, maybe a bit) because this model is going to withstand WICKED 360-degree flips and tricks indefinitely.

Why We Love It

District C50R Pro Scooter - Coedie Donovan Signature

It still is one of the lighter pro scooters in the market at a little over 7 pounds. The lightweight scooter makes it easy and smoother to execute flips and twists. The scooter also features the same compression system as the other District scooter models.

The deck is around 21 x 4.5 inches making it just enough to fit both feet when riding. The handlebars are a little taller at 24.4 x 22 inches. The wheels are slightly bigger in diameter than the other models at 120mm. Another feature in the scooter is the steel flex brake making it easier to stop on a dime. The deck is made sturdier than the beginner and intermediate models with aluminum with a sealed and welded front. The grips on the scooter are 135mm and don’t have the hexagon interior.  

It will ask for a premium price, but the best models in pro scooters won’t come cheap. This model can REALLY handle the pressure, beating, and tension needed to perform the better scooter tricks. It is worth it for the serious riders.

Final Thoughts

Scooters have evolved from a kids toy to being used by all ages for transportation. Then it grew to become an extreme sport. District, a company from the Netherlands, makes sure that their models ride well and are used for high-performance. 

Their lightweight models and designs make it even easier to whip tricks at the skatepark. The District scooters combine extreme riding with style, strength, and creativity. 

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