The 7 Best Knee Scooters (Complete Guide)

Are you looking for an alternative to wheelchairs or crutches after surgery? Knee scooters are a great option because they are comfortable, easy to use, and help you get around quickly and easily. 

We included some of the most popular models and the newest options available. We have also listed the things to consider before buying one and the answers to the questions you may have in mind!

Keep reading to learn more about these recommended knee scooters and find the perfect model for you!

What Are the Best Knee Scooters?

Every knee scooter is made differently from others. There are many forms and styles available and unique in their own way. Because of personal preferences and circumstances, the best knee scooter for a person might not be preferred by another.

1. KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter


The KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter is more stable and comfortable than crutches and is made for outdoor and indoor use for kids and adults. It’s the best option for those on a tight budget. 


  • Includes 4 smooth 7.5” rubber wheels for easy maneuvering on many terrains
  • With adjustable locking handbrake and dual rear brakes (on-wheel) for easy controls
  • The handlebars offer a quick-release folding mechanism for easy storage and transport
  • Weighs 21 lbs with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Has adjustable knee pads ideal for persons with a height of 4′ 9″ to 6′ 4″
  • The dual rear brake system ensures protection and safety


This budget-friendly alternative to crutches is great for everyone recovering from ankle or foot injury and ankle or foot surgery.

2. ELENKER Steerable Knee Walker Deluxe Medical Scooter


The ELENKER Steerable Knee Walker Deluxe Medical Scooter features a quick-release fold for easy transport and storage. What is commendable about this model is that it has a storage basket to focus on moving around safely without the hassle of carrying your belongings.


  • With adjustable handles and knee pads to match the user’s height
  • Handles include locking brakes for safety when stopping or slowing down
  • The knee pad’s memory foam evenly distributes pressure, relieve pain, and for overall comfortability
  • With a foldable leg walker 
  • Features 8″ PVC sturdy PVC wheels great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Weighs 23 lbs with a capacity of 300 lbs.


This is the prime choice for everyone recovering from conditions like a sprained ankle, fractures, and lower leg injury. Keep in mind not to slide at high speed for your safety!

3. KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker


The KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter is lightweight and portable. Its simple folding mechanism utilizes an easy-to-use thumb-release lever and is suitable for individuals with a height of 5’3″ to 6’5″.


  • The adjustable locking hand brakes allows instant stopping control and ability
  • It can fit in compact cars with its quick-release folding mechanism and front axle that rotate 90 degrees
  • Has a rear drum braking system to enable quick stopping ability and control while riding
  • The 4 7.5-inch PU wheels feature shock-absorbing sealed windows
  • Comes with a convenient knee pad with adjustable 3 inches of memory foam 
  • Equipped with an adjustable knee platform height and flexible hand bar


The steering mechanism allows excellent control, adjustable height handlebars, and a knee platform. This model’s four 7.5 inch rubber wheels make it suitable for various types of terrain, with the non rubber structure preventing traces on the floor. 

4. BodyMed Knee Walker – Injured Ankle & Foot Recovery Scooter


The BodyMed Folding Knee Scooter allows a smooth and non-jarring ride, so it’s more convenient and easier for the joint and body while letting users be hands-free when stopping. 


  • Comes with an adjustable knee pad and steering column to allow users to find the suitable height for them
  • Hand brakes can trigger the dual braking system for the roller’s easy control and quick stopping
  • With a washable knee pad cover to keep it clean
  • Features hand brakes and anti-slide grips on the handlebar for control and comfort
  • Has detachable features and a foldable frame for easy storage and portability


This model provides users a weight-bearing relief as it lets them take off the weight of their injury, further aiding in their easy recovery. 

5. KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker Knee Scooter


The KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter offers great features if you’re willing to invest more in your choice. One of the main differences of this economy model from the deluxe model is the steering system that features a tie-rod steering mechanism, allowing more stability for every turn by sustaining the front axle width. 


  • The contoured knee pad with three-inch memory foam allows easy height adjustment for a wide range of users
  • Has a rear drum braking system for rapid stopping ability and control while roaming around
  • Can fit in cars because of its quick-release folding mechanism and removable front axle
  • Features tie-rod steering for efficient movements 
  • The handlebars can be adjusted up to a height of 41”, higher than other average knee walkers 


This model’s feature of maneuverability is not present in many other models. So, if you want a knee walker that is easy to steer and handy, this one’s for you. 

6. ELENKER Economy Knee Walker Steerable Medical Scooter Crutch Alternative


The ELENKER Economic Knee Walker Steerable Medical Scooter’s highlights are lightweight and durable. Its lightweight feature is combined with the compact folding mechanism for easy transportation and storage. Lastly, the durable frame lets it withstand weight up to 300 pounds.


  • Built with ergonomic hand grips for simpler control
  • The knee pad memory foam can relieve pain and reduce skin irritation and friction 
  • Has a brake line ling for better organization, safety, holding the ring on the tube, and fixing the line
  • With a folding switch that can be quickly released for easy portability
  • Has 8″ PVC wheels for balance and easy steering on indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Includes a storage bag to carry your belongings while roaming


Users like how easily the scooter rolls indoors on wood floors, tiles, and even outside on the pavement. Also, the front’s wider wheelbase provides safety and added stability.

7. WINLOVE Black Steerable Knee Walker Roller Scooter


The WINLOVE Black Steerable Knee Walker is designed to make it easy for you to get around. It has a comfortable padded seat and adjustable handlebars to find the perfect fit, and it also comes with a basket for your belongings.


  • The detachable storage basket allows carrying a load of things up to 8 pounds
  • Has 8” PVC wheels that can handle all terrain for easy maneuvering and a braking system for fast stopping
  • With an adjustable handgrip from 32″ to 42″
  • Has a durable mainframe that can carry a user up to 300 pounds 
  •  Comes with a soft PU knee pad to ease pain and fatigue
  • Uses a sturdy steel frame to keep the stability of the center of gravity


This model is perfect for anyone with hip, knee, foot, and leg injuries as it provides support and comfort for walking. It’s also desirable that it’s waterproof to be easily cleaned.

What to Look for in a Knee Scooter? 

Here are the essential features to consider before buying a knee scooter. Follow these aspects for an easy knee scooter shopping experience!

Easy to assemble

It is recommended to buy the best knee scooter that you can easily assemble. Choose a model that will not require much effort and many tools for storing, moving around, and assembling. 

Turning radius

The turning radius ensures that knee walkers have an adequate turning ability. When using a knee scooter with a standard turning radius, you will have to make three-point turns. However, if you use one that can make 90 degree turns, you can navigate tight spaces, furniture, kitchen counters in an office or home without problems.


Ensure that the knee walker you want to buy has high-quality tires. Also, consider the material and tire size. They sure are tough and big enough to be used outdoors. 

Many other knee scooters have small wheels that can roll smoothly indoors. Meanwhile, thick, larger wheels are better for riding outdoors on rough terrains and surfaces.

Build quality

It’s for sure that your new scooter will be continuously under the stress of your weight. With that said, you should choose a model constructed from strong and durable materials that can withstand daily usage to serve you for a longer time. 

Scooters made from steel or aluminum are long-lasting. Also, models that feature ellipsoidal tubing can last with time.


Pay attention to the scooter’s platform design where you will place your injured leg. The platform must comfortably hold your leg and leave enough space. It should have some kind of cushioning for extra leg protection.

Your knee pad height should be adjustable to achieve the perfect fit. Lastly, the platform should stabilize the scooter at the center.


Are knee scooters worth it?

Knee scooters are an excellent choice for anyone needing extra help with walking and mobility, whether due to foot injuries or post-surgeries. They have significant benefits compared to traditional crutches. However, even though they are extremely useful mobility aids, certain limitations are also observed.

Benefits of Using a Knee Scooter

Here are the key benefits of using a knee scooter that will better your overall well-being and health.

1. Acts as safeguard for injured legs while scooting around

2. Easy and comfortable to navigate with

3. Lets you accomplish household tasks

4. Delivers relief for weight-bearing recoveries

5. It allows you to use the bathroom conveniently by parking the scooter next to you

They Are Better Than Crutches

Nowadays, crutches are getting outdated. Knee scooters are the modern-day solution that can help people move around in far places with ease compared to crutches’ discomfort, physical exertion, and pain. 

Also, knee scooters can let you cover more distance without your upper body strength giving out than crutches. Lastly, they can be advantageous for people with arthritis and other disabilities.

They are Better Than Wheelchairs

Knee scooters are the same as wheelchairs in the sense that you can roam around with them. The key difference between them is that knee scooters do not need any assistance from anyone to push you. 

They are designed to push yourself as if you are riding a toy scooter. It’s ideal for people who do not want to seek help from time to time. Lastly, knee scooters can be used outdoors and indoors without having to drag your boots or cast using crutches.

How do I choose a knee scooter?

Top knee scooters provide a desirable compromise between mobility and comfort. The all-terrain knee scooter provides a great mobility solution and can make your ankle, lower leg, foot, and knee injury recovery less difficult. 


KneeRovers have several features that can give comfort whether you need to head to the grocery store or you just have to carry around your belongings daily. Basket-equipped knee scooter brands like WINLOVE, BodyMed, and KneeRovers are your options.

Four-wheeled scooters are always better than three-wheeled ones to achieve a smooth ride. If you want to stay sitting down, steerable seated scooters can let you get around with utmost comfort.

Body Type

Knee walkers can match your frame best, depending on your weight and height. Larger models are recommended for an adult with higher adjustable seats and greater weight-bearing capacities.

Steerable Knee Scooters and Knee Cycles can withstand weights up to 300 pounds, while the knee pads are adjustable for a height up to two feet. They are great and practical all-around choices with great mobility solutions.

KneeRover JR. and the Knee Walker Junior are suitable for both height and weight requirements for younger people and those with smaller body frames.

Activity Level

KneeRovers are ideal for everyday use like doing chores, commuting daily, and grocery shopping. The All-Terrain KneeRover Steerable is the best option to stay active and fit. Compared to other knee walkers that are only good for flat surfaces, the KneeRover can go over dirt, grass, gravel, and other kinds of terrain.

What makes a good knee scooter?

A knee scooter can have a wide range of features and make or break the riding experience. Let’s dive into the key anatomical components.


Although speed tests are not important for a good knee scooter, choosing quality brakes is a great addition. It is hard to know when one is about to hit a slope or an incline that will need brakes. 

Most knee scooters have built-in brakes, some have single-hand brakes, and others have brakes on both handles.


Cup holders, lights, and phone holders are included in the market for knee scooter accessories. Out of all the existing accessories, baskets are the most useful because carrying your belongings around can be tedious. 

High-quality baskets for knee scooters have a clip, are spacious, and are attached to the scooter without falling off. 

Knee rest

This provides comfortable support for injured legs and can be added with various knee pad covers like knee cushion pads and memory foam.

Frame material

Strong frames are one of the most important things to consider when buying a knee scooter because having a weak and flimsy frame won’t be able to withstand the stress and weight we put on them while walking and running errands for hours every day.

Choosing an aluminum knee scooter instead of steel can increase your chances of getting injured as this material can’t take much stress before losing its shape. 

The best material to go for should be something like titanium so it can stay still no matter how many times you try to crush the metal by standing on top of it.

Lastly, sturdy and strong materials will also be beneficial for different weather conditions your scooter may encounter. You won’t want your vehicle to rust during inclement weather.  

Who has the best knee scooter?

The KneeRover Go Knee Walker is the best knee scooter because this model does not take too much space as it is portable and lightweight compared to other knee scooters. This knee scooter weighs about 20.4 pounds with a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

In addition, it has a small size, making it easy to move and turn by the user, especially in tight and small spaces, and a great option to maneuver around indoors. 

The scooter’s width is about 15.5 inches, with wheels about the size of 7.5 inches, so the user can easily fold it and take it to their car or on public transportation. It features a handlebar folding option to allow easy storage and removal.  

This model is easy to assemble, so you can use it immediately after buying it. Lastly, this knee scooter works across various terrains, has decent cushioning, and has great stability, making it a suitable match for potential users!

Get Your Active Life Back with These Knee Scooters!  

Crunches become a necessity when leg injuries happen. However, they are not comfortable most of the time. This is why knee scooters can be beneficial as they provide comfortability and move easily on terrains.

The best knee scooters listed above have different features and can support the weight, so you are sure to find the most suitable scooter for your needs.