Best Lucky Pro Scooters

Best Lucky Pro Scooters

We all want to use the safest equipment there is while still having an enjoyable time. The same holds for scooter enthusiasts. Whether you’re young or old, nothing beats the assurance of riding on solid and sturdy wheels.

Luckily, scooter companies have been coming up with the latest gear and technology to bring you great deals on wheels. They use top-notch trademark metals and materials to create the scooters that everyone is dying to have. Today, we present to you the best Lucky Pro Scooter up for grabs on Amazon.

1. Lucky TFOX Complete Pro Scooter

Scooter fans have been hyped since the release of this signature scooter. Lucky and Tanner Fox team creatively designed it for intermediate riders, but no one’s stopping the beginners who want to invest in this great buy. It’s built for some heavy shredding and daunting hops that only quality scooters are made to do.

The deck is a trademark of Lucky Pro Scooters, sporting a prospect 19.5” by 4.5”. It’s specially designed for people with smaller builds (5ft to 5”10ft). More extended decks are great for street riding, while shorter decks work better for park riding.

Moving on to its 24” tall and 23” wide bars, previous users have no complaints. The materials are built to do lightweight 360 turns on the scooter equipped with firm handgrips for easy maneuvering. The KinkBar shape gives you ample room to do some tricks that are close to the bar.

The wheels are 110mm, which will be better on your bearings.  It’s because your wheels won’t need to spin as fast when you’re trying to cover some ground. Lucky Pro knows wearing out your bearings won’t work out for you in the long run, so you can use it all you want without fear of your wheels falling apart.

Why We Love It

Lucky TFOX Complete Pro Scooter - Tanner Fox Designed Trick Scooter for Intermediate Riders, Analog

This scooter is incredibly light, so it’s easy to do your hardcore tricks and stunts, not to mention it gives you a smooth ride from start to finish. It’s the best to pick for beginner to intermediate scooter riders. The wheels are also a real highlight, these come with hollow cores which are usually reserved for the aftermarket. 

2. Lucky Prospect Complete Pro Scooter

Are you seeking a great-performance scooter on a budget? Lucky Prospect Complete Pro Scooter is a cheaper option for those on a budget. At only $199.95, it has some qualities that parallel that of the Tanner Fox model without breaking the bank.

The deck is even more expansive compared to TFox at 4.8” wide. It makes it a bit heavier but more manageable for beginners learning to land on their feet. If you’re not in it for the stunts, it will serve its purpose well for people with larger feet.

For the bars, Prospect is also built for people from 4ft to 5.5ft. It is also made with an Aluminum Hexbar wrapped firmly with hand grips. It gives you an added support for your back when maneuvering or carrying the weight of your scooter.

The wheels are a trademark Lunar 120mm, even thicker in diameter compared to the TFox. As you have noticed, the scooter is built to help beginners transition into intermediates and help intermediate riders enhance their skills. Thicker wheels give more momentum with smoother movement.

Why We Love It

Lucky Prospect Pro Scooter Cobalt

At a lower price, this scooter packs a punch. We recommend it for those eyeing the Tanner Fox but have a smaller budget. Not to worry, this scooter works just as great with more support from its wider wheels, more expansive deck, and sturdy hex bar.

3. Lucky Crew Pro Scooter

This scooter falls under the beginner and small riders category of the Lucky Pro Scooter brand. Perfect for anyone getting started with the scooter basics, this is durable enough for securing your landing. Plus, it makes it easier for kids to learn on it.

Since these were designed for beginners and users with a slight build, the crew deck is 19” by 4.5” in width. Since the size does make up for some difference in weight, it is lighter than the first two on the list. In short, it’s lightweight and easy to use while still providing foot space for landing.

The bars are made of aluminum with an oversized kink bar design attached to them. Though it doesn’t feature the popular Titanium Kink-bar that lucky scooters promote, it’s still light and easy to turn.

The package comes with the Torsion series wheels at 110mm 86a. 110 is the standard size so that the wheels won’t be too heavy or too light. The hardness is also softer than the average PU hardness (88a). Thus, it makes it easier for the wheels to grip the surface, ride on parks and use indoors.

Why We Love It

Lucky Crew Pro Scooter Sky

Lucky Pro Scooters are considerate of their user’s body type. Scooter riders come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and the Lucky Crew Pro Scooter benefits small users. You get the quality of professional Scooter equipment but at a lower price.

4. Lucky Covenant Complete Pro Scooter

Last but not least, the Lucky Covenant Complete Pro Scooter is here to dominate the scooter world. Lucky Pro places it on a level 2 to 3, so this monster scooter is made for serious riders. 

Lucky Pro knows guys can have big feet, and they’ve made the deck longer by 20.5 and broader by 4.8in (more expansive than the TFox). Get your shoe snug and ready for a great landing with more room.

The Covenant Complete Pro bar is labeled the “air bar” because of its aluminum component. It’s designed to do a 360-degree turn effortlessly, plus it’s durable enough for some severe use. 

The wheels are a deal-breaker compared to the rest. It features Toaster trademark wheels at 120mm. 120mm means having bigger wheels that are built to last longer and go faster. Some may choose to switch up their wheels according to where they’ll be using it. For Lucky Pro branded wheels, check out their brand on Amazon.

Why We Love It

Lucky Covenant Complete Pro Scooter - Best Trick Scooter for Intermediate to Advanced Riders, NeoChrome

What’s not to love? For those professional riders willing to pay extra, the Lucky Covenant Complete Pro Scooter will last you a long time. It’s specially built for the flips and the bunny hops, so it’s a worthy investment.

What Lucky Pro Scooter Best Fits You?

Lucky Pro caters to any and every scooter rider’s needs. They also have separate items that you can pick up to complete your scooter gear—these range from bearings to trademark titanium bars. You can customize your set to fit your needs or the area that you use your scooter. Some just prefer harder wheels than others and so on.

These top four on the list especially have exponential reviews that leave you satisfied and maybe even come back for more. The reviews will attest to its sturdiness, weight, and overall smooth ride. You won’t regret it.

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