Top 3 Best Pro Scooter Pegs

Are you looking for some pegs to add to your pro scooter? Well, in this article we will review the best stunt scooter pegs on the market. If you’re a parent and your son or daughter has been asking for scooter pegs, let’s first break down what pegs are and what they are used for.

Stunt scooter pegs are a scooter add on which adds a new element to the scooter they are applied to. Think of them as literal scooter extensions that allow for new tricks like stalls, grinds, and slides. Pegs also allow for some insane flat ground freestyle riding tricks (more on that later).

The Best Pro Scooter Pegs

Here are the top 5 scooter wheels that money can buy…

#1.Graviti Pro Stunt Scooter Pegs

Coming in first on our list is the Graviti pro stunt scooter pegs, these pegs get the job done and are under $20. The are made from 6061 aluminum material which makes them strong and lightweight. Ready to handle all the new tricks a scooter rider will throw at them. One of the most common issues with buying a set of pegs is getting the proper axles to install them. Out of every set of pegs we reviewed other than the LUFA pegs these have the best axles. These are actually guaranteed to fit all stunt scooters, and includes a 1.97″ axle for the front wheel and a 2.36″ axle for the rear wheel.

Update: After using these pegs for 3 months my son still loves them! However, the rainbow gloss finish has mostly worn off.

#2. Liberty Pro Scooters Aluminum Pegs

Liberty scooters is a small scooter parts company from central California, they do make high quality parts including their aluminum pegs. These particular pegs are made from high quality 6061 Aluminum, making them strong and lightweight. Like all the scooters on this list they will fit with most popular stunt scooter brands. I personally bought the black pair and they looking amazing in hand.

#3.Z-FIRST Pro Scooter Pegs

Third are the Z-FIRST scooter pegs, they are some of the most affordable pegs you can buy at less than $12. These are available in 7 color options including black, blue, gold, purple, red, silver, and rainbow gloss. Made from high quality aluminum CNC’d the pegs will install easily and open up a new world of trick possibilities.

Recommended Pro Scooter Peg Kit

LUFA 110mm Neo-Chrome Oil Slick Pro Scooter...
14 Reviews
LUFA 110mm Neo-Chrome Oil Slick Pro Scooter...
If you are looking for a quick recommendation on a set of pegs we would suggest these LUFA pegs with wheels kit. If a scooter is being ridden regularly wheels are the first thing to wear down, so why not grab a set of new wheels to match your pegs. LUFA products are known for being strong, light weight, and are made from quality aluminum.

Scooter Pegs FAQs

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