Best Pro Scooter Wheels

best pro scooter wheels

What are the best pro scooter wheels?

So your son or daughter has been riding their pro stunt scooter and loving every minute of it! In fact they are getting pretty good at it. Learning all the scooter lingo, landing tricks, and they’ve even been asking you to take them to the skatepark. But there is one problem…their wheels are starting to look run down. No longer even resembling what they did once upon a time when you first opened the scooter. Riding on grinded down wheels might not sound like a big deal but for young riders part of their confidence comes from feeling good about their equipment.

A fresh set of wheels can do wonders for the psyche of a youngster and that should be underestimated.  Buying a set of replacement wheels is a lot less expensive than buying a brand new complete scooter but it can inspire almost as much excitement.

So where should you start when deciding which set of pro scooter wheels you should get? Well, right here in this article! We are going to cover the best 5 pro scooter wheels available on the market today. During the process  we will discuss size, style, durometer (or hardness), amongst other factors. Continue reading to find the best set of replacement wheels for you!

Top 5 Pro Scooter Wheels for 2021

VOKUL 2pcs 110mm Replacement Pro Scooter Wheels with ABEC-9 Bearing, Complete 2pcs-Colorful White

We gathered all the best selling wheels on the market, lined them up and compared them so we could tell you which ones were the best. Here are the results:

  1. Root Industries Honeycore Wheels
  2. Graviti Pro Stunt Scooter Wheels
  3. Vokul Replacement Pro Scooter Wheels
  4. Z-First Pro Scooter Wheels
  5. Z-First Pro Scooter Wheels

Keep reading below to learn more about each specific wheel. As you go through this wheels buyers guide you’ll piece together why these wheels made our best of list and why they placed how they did.

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#1. ROOT INDUSTRIES Honeycore Wheels 110mm
442 Reviews
#1. ROOT INDUSTRIES Honeycore Wheels 110mm
Topping the list of pro scooter wheels are these Root Industries Honeycore hollowcore style wheels. Sold as a pair these wheels are light weight, durable, and measure 110mm by 24mm wide. Root is the premier brand in this buying guide, with that claim to fame Root has a extremely talent team of riders who test their products to their limits. Due to this fact you can trust and rely on these wheels in any situation a rider find themselves in. As a bonus the honeycore wheels come in a wide variety of colors to appeal to just about everyone.
#2. GRAVITI One Pair 110mm Pro Stunt Scooter Wheels
353 Reviews
#2. GRAVITI One Pair 110mm Pro Stunt Scooter Wheels
The runner up for best pro scooter wheels are the Graviti pro stunt scooter wheels. What we like about these wheels is the excellent value they deliver. You get CNC aluminum cores wrapped in 88A polyurethane in the most popular size today 110mm x 24mm. Wheels include ABEC9 bearings preinstalled. Sold in pairs and available in 4 color options - Neochrome/black, Purple/black, Copper/black and Red/black.
#3. VOKUL 2pcs 110mm Replacement Pro Scooter Wheels
29 Reviews
#3. VOKUL 2pcs 110mm Replacement Pro Scooter Wheels
Vokul is the premier chinese brand on the scooter scene. Even the very first to be featured and carried by mainstream American scooter shops. This acceptance was earned by delivering top quality products into the market. These replacement scooter wheels fit the majority of brands available. The aluminum 6 star spoked cores are beautiful especially in the neochrome color option! If you like the core pattern these should be your next set of wheels.
#4. Z-FIRST 2Pcs 110mm Pro Scooter Wheels
37 Reviews
#4. Z-FIRST 2Pcs 110mm Pro Scooter Wheels
The 3rd recommendation is the Z-First hollowcore scooter wheels, not everyone is a fan of this style wheel because of the simple design. However, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this seemingly simple wheel. Hollow core wheels seal two thin plates together leaving the center of the wheels empty or hollow. What this does is create a very light weight wheel with a large surface area. Majority of the hollow wheels will use the large surface area to apply images and designs, but in this case the side is blank and covered in a spectacular neochrome electroplating.
#5. Z-FIRST 2PCS Replacement 110mm Pro Scooter
20 Reviews
#5. Z-FIRST 2PCS Replacement 110mm Pro Scooter
Last but not least is the classic 10 spoke aluminum core pro scooter wheel by Z-First. If you like classic styling these are visually incredible. These wheels are sold as a pair, measure 110mm x 24mm , wrapped in 88A PU, and fit most major scooter brands. 3 Color options are available - Blue/black, Silver/black, Gold/black.

Pro Scooter Wheels Side by Side Comparison

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Pro Scooter Wheels FAQs

ROOT INDUSTRIES 110mm Honeycore Wheels - Black/Rocket Fuel

How long do pro scooter wheels last?

Depending on how often you ride them pro scooter wheels can last anywhere from two months to over a year. A difference in the longevity of use is the thickness of the polyurethane on your individual wheels. Another factor could be the hardness or durometer of the wheels. For example a softer wheel is going to have more grip, be a little slower, and last longer. Therefore a softer set of wheels is going to last longer than a harder wheel. The harder wheels will be faster, less grippy and wear out faster. A rule of thumb is to use softer wheels for street riding and harder wheels for ramps and the skatepark.

How to change pro scooter wheels?

When you original wheels wear down and it’s time to swap them out for a fresh set it might be difficult. The first step is to get your scooter tool or allen wrenches handy. You’ll need to loosen the bolts, and remove the wheels. Once the wheels are removed, you’ll need to watch for any spacers that might fall out which will be holding the rear wheel in place.  Gather all the original parts and place the new wheel in place. Align the spacers, slide the axle in place and tighten everything up.

What are the best pro scooter wheels?

After comparing all the various scooter wheels on the market our top choice is the ROOT INDUSTRIES Honeycore Wheels we like this set of wheels for the core design, durability and value for the price. If you prefer 120mm wheels we would recommend the Villain One20 Scooter Wheels.

What to Look for in a Set of Wheels

Wheel Size

Size matters when it comes to scooter wheels! The range of sizes start with the 98mm wheel which is mostly found on entry level kick scooters like the razor a2. The next step up is the 100mm wheel which usually comes on entry level pro or stunt scooters. After 100 comes the 110mm wheel which is the industry standard, just about every scooter deck and fork will support 110mm wheels. 115mm wheels exist and feel just right to some riders over the 120mm and 125mm wheels. Diameter isn’t the only choice you get to make in scooter wheels, width is also another option. Most wheels will range between 24mm and 30mm. While 24mm is the standard width some riders will opt for 30mm in search of more surface area grip.

Wheel Durometer

A wheels durometer denotes the hardness of the wheel. The average durometer is 82A but many popular wheels range up to 88a. It’s noteworthy that the hardness scale goes from 0 to 100 with the lower the number being the softer the wheels.

Wheel Core Materials

Wheel cores mostly come in plastic, composite, or aluminium. If you are going to be doing any trick riding opt for the aluminium core wheels only. Riding a less durable material like plastic or a composite can be dangerous when performing tricks.

Wheel Style

The style of wheels available is very broad, you can choose from the traditional spoked wheels with all sort of different spoke patterns, ranging from 3 spoke, 5 spoke, 6 spoke, 8 spoke and 10 spoke designs. Or you could go towards the more recently released style of hollow core wheels. Hollow core wheels usually show case a full core design which allows for all type of color and graphic treatments.

Shop All Wheels

Now that you’ve learned all about pro scooter wheels you might be ready to buy some! Checkout our extensive selection of wheels by some of the best brands on the market.

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