best cheap pro scooters under $100

Best Pro Scooters Under $100

Your child has been begging you for a scooter but not just any scooter, they specifically keep saying a pro scooter! They might also use terms like stunt scooter, trick scooter, or freestyle scooter. All these scooter types are synonymous with a scooter that is made to do tricks on. A pro scooter is one that is a lot higher quality than the cheap razor scooters you might be used to seeing. Pro scooters are built to handle more abuse than the typical kick scooter but not all of them are created equal. In this article we are going to show you the best pro scooters for parents on a budget looking to spend less than $100. If you have an even lower budget we even wrote a post for the best options under $70 check it out here.

5 Best Pro Scooters Under $100

The list above showcases the most popular stunt scooters under the $100 price point but just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good. So we got out the fine tooth comb and went through the features of each scooter and then compared factors like price, quality, durability and overall value to compile the follow rankings.

1. Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

The Fuzion X-3 seems to keep aging like fine wine. This pro scooter has been around for at least 5 years since my kids we young and first started riding scooters. In this time frame Fuzion has kept making incremental improvements to keep the Pro X-3 relevant and a top performer in its class. Now for the technical jargon! The Fuzion X-3 has a 3d stamped fork, threadless headset, aircraft grade aluminum deck, 100mm cast pu wheels and high quality steel handlebars.  Basically what all that means is they use processes and parts other brands don’t. For the reason of quality and specs the Fuzion X-3 is still the king of the hill for pro scooters under $100.

After purchase support is another reason to buy this brand. They offer a killer warranty on all their products!

2. Arcade Pro Scooters Stunt Scooter

Arcade Pro Scooters Stunt Scooter is the runner up for best pro scooters under $100. This product seemingly came out of nowhere but has since received rave reviews! Our favorite part about this scooter is its styling. If you look closely at the neck or piece that transitions the deck (standing platform) to the handlebars it’s designed with cutouts of material. What this does is remove weight from the scooter and create an incredible aesthetic. Typically this type of style is reserved for scooters in the $200 price range. When it comes to tech specs this scooter is similar to the above Fuzion X-3 in that it has 100mm wheels, threadless headset, and steel handlebars. This company doesn’t mention the use of aircraft grade materials in their literature so we are unsure of the aluminum grade. Overall this is an incredible bargain, they even throw in a free scooter stand!!!

3. Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter

The X-5 pro scooter is basically the Fuzion X-3 with a few upgrades. So take everything from the Fuzion X-3 but then sprinkle a little special on it. Upgraded features on the Fuzion Pro X-5 include aluminum wheels, new stylized neck, wider deck and double reinforced handlebars. I’ll say this if you like the Fuzion X-3 and you have a few more dollars in your budget GO FOR THE X-5 you’ll be the coolest mom or dad in the world. The Fuzion X-5 trick scooter has more elaborate graphics and better color treatments to set off the scooters amazing design.

4. Arcade Rogue Pro Scooter for Kids

When this article was written it seems the Arcade Rogue was recently released as it only had 29 reviews on Amazon. We ordered one just to see what it was all about since it was only $49.99 at the time. At first glance this scooter was incredible! WOW, just wow. I will say that the handle bars are a little shorter than the other Arcade Pro Scooter Stunt Scooter listed above but for younger kids that isn’t a problem at all. While I would not recommend this stunt scooter for a kid who has been riding stunt scooter for a while already, this is great for getting kids into the sport.

The weight, height and features make sense. It seems like Arcade watered down their other model leaving the basics, still with outstanding quality. This is truly Amazon’s Choice for “pro scooter for kids” and they got it 100% right.

5. Hiboy ST-1S Pro Scooter

Cheap Pro Scooter FAQs

What is the Cheapest Pro Scooter?

The cheapest “pro scooter” on the market is the Pulse Performance Products KR2 Freestyle Scooter. This scooter can be purchased for $37.99. However, we would not recommend this scooter. The quality is terrible. The old adage “you get what you pay for” certainly applies in this regard. Save yourself some time and money and opt for one of the scooters on our Recommended Top 5 Pro Scooters Under $100 list.

What is the Best Pro Scooter to Buy?

When it comes to buying the best pro scooter it really depends on your needs. If you are asking this question on the internet it would most likely mean that you are relatively new to the sport of scooter riding. So therefore the best pro scooter for newish riders would probably be the Fuzion Z250 complete scooter. The price point on the Z250 is around $119 which brings it right outside the price point for this guide. However, if you have the budget for the Fuzion Z250 it is the all around best scooter for beginners.

If you aren’t new to the sport and want to know the absolute best pro scooter to buy, the answer would be a custom complete pro scooter. The best way to find this would be going to your local pro scooter store and having them size you and get you set up to the riders individual needs.

How much does a Professional Scooter Cost?

Complete pro scooters start at the $60ish dollar range and round out about $200, but a true pro scooter or professional scooter can cost anywhere from $250 to about $450 depending in the components used.

Best Sellers Pro Scooters Under $100

For an in depth look into each pro scooter model keep scrolling down 👇


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