Best Pro Scooters under $150

Scooters have evolved and developed throughout the years. It started as a toy that toddlers use to zip through parks and streets. Today, it ranges from being used by kids to everyday commuters to extreme sports. Scooters have developed a following of millions of people. 

Some individuals have even found a way to make a living out of professionally riding these things. Regardless of skill level, scooters are a great activity to keep people entertained, active, and outdoors. A little sun won’t hurt, right? In this article, we look at the top pro scooters on the market for under $150. 

best pro scooters under 150

5 Best Pro Scooters Under $150

It is perfect for riders who have been riding for a while and want to take that next step in their scooter riding prowess. These scooters will surely take the wear, tear, and impact of doing advanced tricks. Continue reading to learn more. 

1.Arcade Plus Pro Scooter

arcade plus stunt scooter

The Arcade Plus Pro is perfect for the younger riders who have developed their talent to ride the scooter. It combines durability and style that do whipping tricks at the skate park look even cooler than it is. 

Sturdier Scooter: The Arcade Plus has incorporated aluminum pegs in its engineering. This product allows its riders to do even more tricks at greater difficulties and higher volumes. The scooter can take the damage of hours of practicing tricks. The scooter also features an improved and reinvented handlebar. 

Everything about the scooter built has been well thought out. We are talking about a more robust fork, custom neck, a durable and spacious deck, and solid bearings. This scooter won’t break down quickly, making the transition to pro a little easier. 

Silent Glide: Silent gliding can only be done with quality bearings. Most scooters under $150 would probably skimp on the small stuff on a scooter like bearings. Not the Arcade plus. This scooter is fitted with ABEC-7. The scooter also has TPR grips for easier maneuvering. 

These features ensure a more stable ride while silently traversing streets. On the off chance that the wheels don’t meet expectations, you can easily switch them with 110mm wheels or wheels of the same size (100mm)! Become A Skatepark Superstar: Skateparks are usually filled with rattling noises by the many riders with subpar scooter models. The Arcade Plus is an exception. The only thing that would be noticeable from a distance with this scooter is its fresh designs. 

Riding around and stopping on a dime is also made easier with responsive brakes. The scooter comes in 5 different colorways: Molten, Night, Ultra, Icy, and Mutant. 

Easy Transportation: There won’t be a need to worry about the scooter arriving safely at the doorstep. The Arcade plus is wrapped securely to ensure a quality scooter. Once the package arrives, there are only two things to do. It only needs its screws tightened, and the rear peg added. 

The Arcade Plus comes with a sturdy one-degree concave boxed deck (19.5” x 4.5”) and IHC compression to start. Arcade Plus By The Numbers: The Arcade Plus is a product of over ten years of scooter design. Users can easily carry the scooter with one hand at 8.5 pounds. The handlebars go up about 23” catered to pro riders and intermediate riders seven years old and up. 

The scooter can also take heavier riders up to 220 pounds. If the scooter doesn’t meet expectations, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Order one now for hours of fun, risk-free. 

2. Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter

fuzion z250 scooter

The FUZION Z250 is designed to satisfy the needs of the up-and-coming rider who is ready to take on the world. This scooter is crafted to be compliant with most aftermarket parts and modifications and optimized with FUZION’s high-end components. The Z250 can take riders to new heights while staying under their budget.

Rough Rider Friendly: The Fuzion Z250 can keep up with even the roughest riders. This allows the riders to grind as hard as their professional idols. The reason why this is possible is because of the scooter’s components. Like other top pro scooters, it has alloy core wheels, nylon brakes, a durable aluminum deck, and a sturdy fork. All tricks are allowed on this scooter, and it can take it.  

Quiet Zooming: Sticky bearings make it impossible for scooters to glide fast. Most scooters, especially ones under $150, are fitted with ABEC 5-7 bearings. The Z250 sets itself apart and ahead of the pack with ABEC-9, which is the highest quality available. The handlebars are also wrapped with hex grips for easier steering while riding.  

Slick Scooter: The scooter glides pretty well and has the best quality bearings that the market has to offer. This scooter’s awesome designs can come in serves as another reason this scooter will be a head-turner at the park. Fresh graphics and multiple colorways can make this model look the part of a pro stunt scooter better. It comes in four colors, but the black & teal combination is what everyone wants.

The Z250 Scooter By The Numbers: The Z250 model by Fuzion is for kids ages eight and up. And by up, we mean until the adults because this scooter can withstand weights that reach 220 pounds. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 6 – month complete manufacturing warranty. It also features USA-based customer services, so ordering one today would provide minimal risk. 

3. Mongoose Rise Youth and Adult Freestyle Kick Scooter

mongoose rise pro scooter

Mongoose’s Rise 100 Pro Freestyle Scooter is ready for the skatepark. A lightweight alloy deck with an extended standing area for pro-style scooter success is included in the Rise’s feature set.

Improved Deck: The Mongoose Rise is the perfect scooter for riding and executing pro-level moves in the skatepark. The scooter features a lightweight alloy deck and rear alloy pegs. It also features a spacious deck with an extended standing area to comfortably fit both feet while gliding.

Full Coverage: The scooter allows for complete coverage MaxGrip on the deck. The scooter also incorporates a steel break for a more responsive braking system. The wheels are made of high-impact alloy and are around 100mm. The sturdy wheels combined with ABEC-7 bearings improve the durability of this scooter when executing the more demanding tricks. 

Comfort: The Mongoose Rise has a 540mm x 578mm steel handlebar. The handlebars feature bike-style grips that allow for more security and ease when maneuvering the scooter. A quadruple anodized clamp collar with a threadless headset also allows for sharp steering when gliding wherever. 

Design: There might be a challenging time when choosing a Mongoose Rise model. This is because it comes in 10 different colorways! There will be a colorway suited for everyone regardless if the user is a boy, girl, young, teen, or adult. The Mongoose Rise is the perfect scooter for individuals ages eight and up and can handle a weight of up to 220 pounds. This scooter is ideal for kids or the young at heart looking to full send on the local skatepark. 

4. Credo Street Pro Stunt Scooter

credo stunt scooter

Put a CREDO PRO scooter on your wish list or place an order, and you’ll be able to ride it on all of your vacations. Owing to an improved matte full cladding aluminum deck, the current Trick Scooter has a bigger footprint. And the 110MM rugged wheels give you the courage to begin doing tricks in mid-air.

The Perfect Skatepark Companion: The Credo Street Pro is made ideally for the skatepark. The solid aluminum deck and bar make for a scooter that can handle the impact of high-flying tricks. It can allow absolute freedom to do whatever tricks possible. 

Smooth Riding: The scooter features an IHC system that absorbs the impact of tricks. What it also absorbs is the impact from riding through rough terrain or pavements. So the scooter reduces those and makes for a smoother ride even if the path isn’t. The ABEC-9 bearings and quality steel brakes also ensure a smooth ride without any rattling.

Additional Features: 110 alloy core wheels, a reinforced deck, and rubber grips are other things that can be found in the Credo Street Scooter. It can be adjusted to fit kids and adult sizes so the scooter can’t be outgrown. It can hold around 220 pounds. It can easily be assembled once it arrives and comes with a 30-day refund time.

The Credo Street Pro Scooter marries the love of extreme scooter riding with leisurely rides around the block. The modern designs make it impossible not to spot. Safe to say that this versatile scooter is built for the streets.

Pro Scooters Under $150 Summary

These days $150 bucks get you a lot more than it used to when buying a pro scooter. In this article we recommended 4 awesomely good scooter bargains. If it were up to me though, I would recommend going with the ARCADE Plus Pro Scooter. Not only does it look awesome but it has incredible features like a cutout neck tube, cool graphics, and even pegs for kids wanting to do freestyle tricks.

If you have a little bit more money or want more pro scooters to choose from checkout my guide on the best pro scooters under $200.

Also, note that stunts seen on television or the internet with professional extreme scooter events should not be imitated without proper practice. These stunts can lead to severe injuries and can post as a hazard.

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