Best Scooter Stands

What is the best scooter stand to buy? If you’re looking for scooter stands then you probably have a household with a few kids and you’re tired of stepping over scooters laid on the floor of your yard or garage.  Or you are just a neat person who wants to keep even one scooter situated nicely. Either way, the scooter stand is much needed accessory for anyone who owns a scooter.

Benefits of Having a Scooter Stand

Scooter stands have a few distinct benefits, including but not limited to:

Prevents Tripping Hazards – rogue scooters laying on the floor of your home or garage can pose a serious threat to tripping and falling. Using a scooter stand can clear your floors and keep everyone in your household safe.

Prevents Damage – Your car, walls, cabinets, dressers, or anywhere else kids like to lean their scooters. When a scooters bar ends get worn down, it can leave rough metal exposed to rub against surfaces. If you have a young teenager, you know they sometimes don’t think about damaging surfaces as we do who pay for them. You can avoid unnecessary damages by setting a rule of only placing scooter in the stands while not in use.

Scooter stands aren’t very expensive at all ranging from $7 to $15. In comparison spending less than $20 to prevent costly scratches and hospital bills is a no brainer. But, now that you are convinced that a scooter stand is a good idea. Which one should you get?

Features to Consider in Scooter Stands

Fuzion Universal Pro Scooter Stand Fits Scooters with 95mm to 120mm Scooter Wheels (Carbon Fiber)

Even though a scooter stand is pretty simple product, there are a few boxes you should check off before deciding which scooter stand to buy.

Wheel Size

Probably the first thing to consider is what size wheel you need to accomodate in your scooter stand. Most stunt scooters or pro scooters have wheels between 100mm and 120mm. So if your scooter fits within these sizes you’ll want a scooter stand that typically ranges between 95mm and 120mm. If you are looking for a stand to accommodate a big wheel adult scooter you’ll need to find a different stand than those listed here.

Interlocking Design

Some of the scooter stands on the market feature an interlocking design, which allows for perfect alignment, and an overall cool concept to create a sort of continuous line of parking spots. While the interlocking feature isn’t one that is necessary it does add another cool element to the scooter stand.

The Top 8 Best Scooter Stands

Which Scooter Stand Should You Buy?

The #1 choice in scooter stands is the Fuzion Universal Scooter Stand. Not only does the stand do everything that a scooter stand is supposed to do but the color options are incredible, there is no installation, and the price is right at under $11. If for whatever reason the awesome swirl patterns, carbon fiber, or red finish isn’t your thing. We’d recommend the ScooterPorts Scooter stand, we like the interlocking design and the cool name tag area where kids can write their name on their new parking space.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to selecting the best scooter stand for your family. Thanks for reading!


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