Best Skate Shoes for Beginners

Best Skate Shoes for Beginners

Skating is an enjoyable sport, and many beginners are trying to be good at it. They practice countless times just to perfect the tricks and flips they want to do. However, because of that, they tend to wear out their shoes much quicker. 

That can’t be good, especially if you want to practice efficiently or have a limited budget for skateboarding. For that, it’s necessary to get quality skateboard shoes that will give a better experience and be comfortable, and have great style. However, with tons of skate shoes in the market, it is a tedious job to get the one that will suit your needs. 

This article lists the latest and best skate shoes for beginners that you can choose from. Aside from giving you a better experience, these shoes are also excellent to look at, so you won’t regret getting one of these.  Skate to infinity and beyond. Choose from the best skate shoes for beginners.

1. Nike Janoski SB

First on the list is a Nike shoe that comes in different colors and fits both men and women. It is made of suede, so it will last longer than other shoes you have before. Besides that, the suede will also help your foot fit the shoe as it expands in the break-in period. With that, you don’t need to worry even if you have a big foot since it will fit you perfectly.

Once you get this shoe, you will see excellent stitching and sole for durability and performance. It also has a heel impact support to help your body absorb impact when skateboarding and avoid injury. The toe box is broad, so it has enough space for your foot so you can feel comfortable while wearing it.

The sole of this shoe is not that thick so that you can feel the board on your feet. It will also give you a better grip, so you have an excellent experience using it when skateboarding. 

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent Durability
  • Impressive grip
  • Minimalist look

Why We Love It

This shoe is perfect for those who are starting in skateboarding since it gives you excellent support for your foot. It is also durable, so it can last long even if you practice countless times. The fit is perfect, so you will have a comfortable time wearing it every time you go out skateboarding.

2.Nike SB Nyjah Men’s Skate Shoes

This shoe is slim fitting, so it’s recommended for you to get a half size up. Besides that, you might have difficulty putting your foot in, but once your foot is inside, it will hug your foot perfectly. The toe box is long since the shoe is slim-fitting, and it has minimal sidewall padding.

For durability, it has a synthetic upper that also provides a great flick when you are skateboarding. In the high wear areas, they added another layer of the upper material to strengthen its sturdiness. Its upper materials are fused inside the shoe, particularly in the toe box, to lessen the stitching. With that, there won’t be thread coming apart even after constant use.

It also has a geometry pattern on its sole that makes it more flexible and will give you a better grip on your board. The shoe is lightweight, so you won’t have a problem performing any tricks and flips you want to do. High tensile strength fibers are strategically used in some parts of the shoe to prevent injury.

Highlighted Features

  • Flexible rubber and durable synthetic upper
  • Built to feel like a sock on your feet
  • Pressure-dispense for a comfy fit

Why We Love It

Since it doesn’t have different materials stitched together, you will have better stability than other skate shoes. It is lightweight, so you will not have a hard time using it every time you go out and practice doing tricks and flips. Besides that, it’s very durable, perfect for those practicing their skateboarding skills.

3.DVS Men’s Celsius Skate Shoe

One of the things that make it stand out is its design. Many skaters and shoppers like its old-school low-top bulky design since it looks great when you are skateboarding or just in casual wear. The shoe comes in different colors to choose which you think will look best when you are skateboarding. 

Aside from that, many also attest to the shoe’s durability and comfortability. The shoe is made from different materials to make sure it is sturdy and comfortable to wear. It has nubuck, suede, and leather, and it’s lace is made from cotton. The fit is perfect and snug in the feet, so you will indeed have a great experience using this when you are skateboarding. 

Besides that, the shoes are lightweight and have a double cup sole construction. It is also breathable since it has a mesh material for its tongue. 

Highlighted Features

  • Styling design
  • Surprisingly Durable for its price
  • Affordable price

Why We Love It

If you are looking for a skate shoe that you can also use when you go out, this is a good option. It has an old-school design that many are attracted to and want to get it. Many also attest that it is very durable and comfortable to wear to be a perfect skate shoe for you.

4.DC Men’s Court Graffik Casual Skate Shoe

Like the others, this shoe is made by a well-reputed company known for producing fashionable and high-quality products. It is one of the best skate shoes they have, and it is made from leather and rubber DC sole. With the materials used, you can already see that it is durable, and it can protect your feet perfectly well. 

 Aside from that, although it’s a skate shoe for men, many women, skaters, or not love this shoe. It is because of its fashionable design and comfortability. Even if you are practicing or just hanging out anywhere, it will surely earn some phrases from other people. 

The shoe has cushioned panels providing comfort and resistance to any impact when you are training. At the same time, the cup sole construction will help in protecting your feet. Synthetic leather is a very durable material, and it won’t quickly wear down, which means that it will last longer than other skate shoes. 

It has vent holes so your feet can breathe inside the shoe, and it also has a lightweight mesh tongue in front. The DC shoe also has its signature outsole grip, which will help with your board and shoe traction.

Highlighted Feature

  • Patented Rubber DC sole with flexible leather
  • Breathable vent holes
  • Has to cup sole construction to minimize the impact on the foot 

Why We Love It

The shoes come from a reputable company so you can be assured that it is well-made and high-quality. It has a different color option that you can choose from depending on your preference. 

The shoe is also ideal for both men and women who practice skateboarding or just for casual wear.

5. Etnies Men’s Lace Up Skate Shoe

These shoes have been receiving a lot of praise for their design and comfortability. It has a simple low-top appearance that you can get in various colors. With the design, you can also use it anywhere you go, not just when you are skateboarding. 

The top of the shoe is made from canvas material, so it’s breathable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. While the shoelace and outsole are all made from recycled rubber, making it more durable. It has a Faux Vulc cup for its sole construction, so it’s sturdy, and it will provide added protection to your feet.

Highlighted Features

  • Eco friendly! Made from recycled rubber and canvas
  • Faux Vulc cup sole protection to protect from impact
  • Thinly padded tongue and collar for maximum board feel

Why We Love It

The top material of the shoes is a canvas, so it’s breathable, lightweight, and easy on your feet. It’s both fashionable and comfortable to wear, so you won’t regret getting it as your beginner skate shoes. 

6. Globe Men’s Tilt Skateboarding Shoe

If you are looking for a budget-friendly shoe that you can use when you are skateboarding, you will not regret getting this one. The shoe has a nice retro look that will surely appeal to many people, not just skaters. Aside from its excellent design, it also comes in different colors, so you can surely choose a color that compliments your skateboard.

Aside from its excellent design and color, its winning factor is its comfortable fit. Many shoe owners claim that it is very comfortable to wear as if you are in clouds. It is padded well, and you will see that it is perfectly sewn. With that, you can be assured that you will have a great time using it every time you practice skateboarding.

Highlighted Features

  • Cool designs 
  • Wide color choice
  • Snug fit to your feet

Why We Love It

Although this shoe is affordable, the quality is top-notch. You will like that it comes in different colors and it has a great design. Many also attest that it will fit perfectly well in your feet to have a great experience wearing it. Aside from that, it is also durable and well-made, which is an essential factor you need for a skate shoe.

7.Vans Old Skool Skate Shoe

The next shoe is a unisex skate shoe with a classic design and affordable price. It has a synthetic upper, the signature stripe in the sides, padded tongue, and collar. The insole is very comfortable on your feet, so you will have a great time using it when you skate. 

Aside from that, this shoe is quite popular in the market with its timeless design. The sole is very durable, so it will surely save you money instead of buying new shoes every time. It’s also flexible and lightweight, so you will not have a problem using it in your practice. It is also equipped with reinforced toe caps and extra padding in the collar and footbed for shock absorption and comfort.

Highlighted Features

  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Timeless and classic design
  • Reinforced toe caps, extra padding for collar and footbed

Why We Love It

It is a perfect shoe to use when you are skateboarding since it has excellent design and comfort. The shoe is very durable and affordable, which is ideal when you are practicing your skateboard moves. Its waffle print provides excellent grip and traction.

8. Vans Slip-On Classics Shoe

This shoe is made from canvas material, so you can expect that it is breathable and easy to wear. It is also lightweight, so your feet won’t feel heavy when doing tricks and flips. Although it is made of canvas, you can still be assured that it will not wear quickly. It can surely withstand the beating it will receive while you are practicing.

For comfort and support, they added padding around the ankle and footbed. The elastic band will help you slip your foot in with no problem. It also has a vulcanized sole like the other Vans shoes for excellent grip. Both men and women can wear the boots either by skateboarding or just by going out.

Highlighted Features

  • Breathable yet Sturdy
  • Minimalistic design 
  • An Affordable choice

Why We Love It

If you are looking for easy-to-wear and straightforward shoes that will provide you comfort and durability, you will never go wrong with this slip-on shoe. Since it doesn’t have lace, you don’t need to tighten anything, and you just need to slip your foot in it. It is comfortable to wear and breathable, so you indeed have a great time using it.

9. Nike SB Charge Skate Shoe

It is one of the skate shoes that will provide you great board feels. The shoes also have a nice grip, and you will have excellent traction with the shoe. It also has a wide toe box, so you won’t have a problem even if you have big feet when using the shoe. Like the other Nike shoes, it has Zoom Air, so you can have a relaxing time wearing it when you skateboard.

The shoe uses canvas for breathability and for the shoe to be lightweight. Some of its areas are reinforced to ensure that it’s durable and will last long even from constant practice. They also put high-density foam on the collar to make sure that your foot is supported. Its sole is made from rubber for incredible traction that you will need when skateboarding.

The shoe is very comfortable to wear, and anyone can wear it. Both men and women, even if you are skating or not, this shoe will surely give you excellent service. 

Highlighted Features

  • Minimalist style
  • Super helpful traction for keeping balance
  • Affordable

Why We Love It

It is a must-buy skate shoe if you need comfortable and durable shoes. They will surely provide you excellent performance that you need when you are practicing skateboarding. 

10. DC Men’s Infinite Skate Shoe

Last but not least is a low-cut skate shoe that has a super suede upper. The construction uses both a vulcanized sole and a cup sole. It’s very durable and will undoubtedly perform exceptionally every time you use it. The shoe is also very flexible, so it will give you an excellent board feel. 

Although it looks big, it is actually just right and will surely fit your foot. It’s also very durable since it uses super suede material to last long through the toughest of times. It also has an orthoLite foam inside, so it can be comfortable when you wear it. 

The tongue and collar are made with breathable material. The insole can also be removed so that you can take it out anytime you want. The shoes are also affordable, so they will surely fit your budget.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from super suede upper
  • Suede design and cup sole makes for an excellent board feel
  • Rubber toe cap to protect from painful landing experience

Why We Love It

It is a good shoe that you can use for skateboarding or if you want to walk around. The shoes snug perfectly well and also feel comfortable when you wear them. It is also very durable and will surely last for a long time. 

Final Thoughts

Getting the right skate shoes is crucial so you can get better results when you are practicing. A durable and sturdy skate shoe can save you money from buying shoes and protect your foot from possible injury. Hopefully, the options on the list help you find the best skateboard for you. 

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