Best Skateboard Wall Mounts

Best Skateboard Wall Mounts

So you’re wanting to mount skateboard decks on the walls of your room or office? Then this is the right article for you. Skateboards have turn into works of art in this day and age, some rare graphics and skate deck collections can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars. Check out the image below taken from live listings on eBay! With skate decks being officially works of art many people are looking for the most effective and safe ways to hang them up and give them the attention they deserve.

What to Look For in a Skateboard Wall Mount?

Arcade Skateboard Wall Mount Rack Hanger 2 Pack Horizontal or Vertical Display (Clear)

Since such numerous skateboard wall mounts on the marketplace, it cannot be easy to choose the right one for your preferences. Here are the things you must consider before buying a new skateboard wall mount:

Type of skateboard/s you have

Skateboards come in different sizes, shapes, and weights. One may be short, and the others are long. Skaters must be aware of the wall mount specifically suited to the type of their skateboard, making it more appealing and organized. 

Number of skateboards you have

Skateboard enthusiasts usually have various collections of skateboards with different designs and brands. Considering the number before buying a skateboard wall mount could significantly differ on the overall outlook of the display.

Available Horizontal and vertical space

When choosing the right skateboard rack, you will see that they use the room differently. If you have a lot of space, choose horizontal optimization; if you don’t, choose vertical utilization to save space.

Our Top Picks for Buying Vertical Mounts

A skateboard hanger or mount is a convenient way to store your skateboards in any part of the house while giving the aesthetic feeling of having a fantastic display. Here are the top vertical mount for your skateboards:

1. Skatep Tych Ghost Hanger Skateboard Wall Mount

Ultimately, you’re looking for the perfect wall-mounted skateboard rack for your room. In that case, the Skateptych Ghost Hanger Skateboard Wall Mount is indeed the best one available. It is flexible and compact enough to hold one skateboard creating a floating-like appearance.

It’s made from thermoplastic and packed with stainless steel bolts and screws for its threading to be improved for more excellent stability. It has a simple design and high-quality materials. It provides a stunning illusion on the wall as the board floats.

2. YYST Skateboard Floating Deck Display Skateboard Floating Wall Mount LongBoard Wall Hanger- Patent Pending – Type A

YYST Skateboard Floating Deck is an excellent wall rack which you can conveniently install on the wall for safe storage with all your boards while not in action. This high-quality rack is made of stainless steel hardware which could not be rusted for years. 

It has a minimal effect on your wall and board, creating a museum-quality design that appears to be floating vertically. It is perfect for adorning the wall with panels that are so fine one can’t force himself or herself to skate it.

3. Arcade Skateboard Wall Mount Rack Hanger Vertical Display

Ultimately, Arcade Skateboard Wall Mount Rack Hanger Vertical Display is well-known among skateboarders and longboarders. Its simplistic style is ideal for a home, workshop, garage, or skate store.

Its design makes the skateboard floating in the wall while the wall mount firmly holds it like a pro. It could be used for any boards, such as popsicles, longboards, etc. Also, it has a damage-free feature making the board flawlessly elegant while it is on display.

4. HoverMount Skateboard Wall Hanger Mount Rack Display

HoverMount Skateboard Wall Hanger Mount Rack Display is perhaps the highest value for money than any other skateboard racks. It is attributed to its minimal design, which allows for storing any board. Generally speaking, it will look amazing in the house of any skateboard enthusiast. Furthermore, it can install easily without any sweat.

5. Sk8ology Skateboard Deck Display Wall Mount Hanger Rack

One of the brands used by enthusiasts in various boards is the Sk8ology Skateboard Deck Display Wall Mount Hanger Rack. The skateboard wall mount has one slot that allows you to comfortably store a variety of your boards safely and securely in a manner that they can’t be damaged.

The skateboard holder is simple to mount on the wall and does not require assistance from a professional. This heavy-duty wall mount has a sleek and minimalist style making it invisible once the board is displayed, making it float. It is also lightweight and makes good use of vertical space.

Top Picks for Horizontal Mounts

Saving space for skateboards could be challenging, but it would be easy using horizontal space utilization. Below are the most fantastic side-ways mount for your boards:

1. Grab & Go XL Horizontal Longboard Skateboard Wall Hanger Mount Rack

Grab & Go XL Horizontal Longboard Skateboard Wall Hanger Mount Rack is one of the best wall holders commercially available, with the potential to provide you with exceptional board-keeping space. 

The holder is solid but flexible, with a variety of boards that can use it. 

Besides that, the wall mount has been constructed from the finest steel available, resulting in the best usability. The steel is high quality with a sleek satin black finish providing the holder with a longer lifespan. Furthermore, it is compact and well designed, which keeps your skateboard in good shape.

2. Arcade Skateboard Wall Mount Rack Hanger Horizontal Display

Arcade Skateboard Wall Mount Rack Hanger Vertical Display also comes with a horizontal display that would give you enough space for your skateboard and other collections. In the package, it includes two heavy-duty transparent mounts, screws, and drywall anchors. With just the Philip-head screw, the installation would be easy and fast.

Made Your Choice Yet?

These are the best skateboard wall mounts on the market, and they will provide you with exceptional results in all instances. The best suppliers on the market manufactured them, so there are no questions about their quality. You’ll have to choose the best skateboard holder that suits your taste as long as you have the extra space. 

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