Best Trampoline Scooters for Kids

If you haven’t heard about trampoline scooters, they are the newest and freshest thing that you should get yourself. It basically is a scooter without the wheels. It is usually used to practice tricks on a trampoline wherein you could get maximum hangtime, hence the name. If you want to get one for yourself, then here are some of the best trampoline scooters that you can acquire for an affordable price. 

Indo 670 Trick and Stunt Trampoline Scooter

In Do The Trick Scooter Indo 670 Stunt and Trampoline Scooter for Teens

The Indo trampoline scooter is one of the most versatile models on the market. It is the perfect lightweight trampoline scooter to practice your tricks and for indoor use if you’re just starting out. 

Why We Love It

The Indo scooter can be used for any sized trampoline or any flat level surface if you manage to get enough air. It has a soft foam deck so that it doesn’t hurt all too much when you whip it, and it hits your shin. It also doesn’t damage or scratch surfaces of your floor or trampoline. 

Customer Reviews:

  • “Pleasantly surprised!” – hawaiianbird
  • “Great product for trampoline use” – Jana S.
  • “Quality materials. Great price. Kid loves it” – Shannon Counsil

What You Should Expect

There are sizes to the Indo scooter so that you can find the right fit for your frame. There is a 570 and 670 model suited for users around 150cm and 160cm. Included in each package are your foam deck, grip, handlebars, assembling kit, and manual. It is very easy to put together so that kids could do it with minimal adult supervision.


  • Handlebar Height = 57 centimeters
  • Handlebar Width = 43 centimeters
  • Weight = 0.93 Kilograms
  • Size of Package = 60cm x 20cm x 5cm

Indo 570 Pro Trampoline Scooter

In Do The Trick Scooter Indo 570 Stunt and Trampoline Scooter for Kids - Boys and Girls

Once you get the hang of the trampoline and you are now used to whipping up cool tricks and gaining some major air, it may be time to upgrade your model. It isn’t only to look fly, or for the show. It may help you execute bigger, better, and more challenging tricks. 

In no time, you might even be the king of the trampoline park. The Indo Pro trampoline scooter boasts numerous essential improvements from the previous model.

Why We Love It

It has an all-new Headset and compression system for the world’s slickest headset to allow for maximum effort to land the more demanding tricks on the trampoline. There is also an increased weight from 0.93 to 1.4 kilograms. This makes it still easy enough to move around when doing tricks but can still hold a little more weight to simulate doing the stunts on an actual scooter.

It has a larger deck size to simulate the real scooter and to have a bigger landing space for your feet. Indo re-designed its deck with improved durability, stiffness, and size for better performance and training experience. They also increased bar width and height for the advanced or taller riders. 

With this scooter, you can get better quality hand grips similar to pro scooters together with its improved style designs and detailing. Inside the package, you can still find the complete set like the deck, handlebar, grips, manual, and assembling kit.

Customer Reviews:

  • “The one fun trick scooter” – Naali
  • “Awesome Tramp scooter” – Ginger Rich
  • “Best Purchase Ever!!” – Margaret McCoy


  • Handlebar Height = 74 centimeters
  • Handlebar Width = 53 centimeters
  • Weight = 1.4 kilograms
  • Size of Package = 80cm x 20cm x 5cm

Final Thoughts

The Indo 570 Trick Scooter - Trampoline...
1,333 Reviews
The Indo 570 Trick Scooter - Trampoline...
  • 🥏Ignite Creativity: The easy-to-control pro scooter design will allow them to practice infinite tricks outdoors and indoors, no matter the weather. They can even practice on rainy days using it as an indoor scooter
  • 🏠Use it at home or on a trampoline: This trick scooter is easy to build and use, It's strong, secure and lightweight design allows your kids to practice all kinds of stunts, they will be able to make infinite stunts or create new tricks.

What you’ve read are the best trampoline scooters for yourself, your close friends, or just somewhat of a gift for someone. These models are the surest way to go when you want something with quality, style, and durability without having too much of a dig in your savings account. These two models are versatile enough that they would fit anyone of any size and height. It is the perfect new hobby to get into. 

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