Best Underwater Scooters

5 Best Underwater Scooters In The Market

Whether you’re a recreational diver or one of those diving enthusiasts, having a sea scooter will surely excite you. This high-end technology gives a perfect scuba diving experience to help you reach your maximum depth with shallow dives.

But with tons of choices in the market right now, you might be wondering what underwater scooter fits your diving lifestyle. So, to give you a glimpse of the best underwater scooters you can find, keep on reading. Whether it’s for fun, adventure, or technical this article will cover all those sea scooter details for you.

What Are Underwater Scooters?

Also known as Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV), underwater scooters help divers swim in the ocean’s depth with minimal effort. According to Scooters 101, torpedo technology is why there is an underwater scooter market.  

An underwater scooter is a great assistance for moving forward at an exciting speed. Most sea scooters can pull you through the water at a speed of 9 meters per hour. Indeed, getting an underwater scooter ends the long and tiring swims. Rather, it will give you more time to roam around. 

Aside from the adrenaline boost, most underwater scooters are a perfect fit for kids and adults alike. So, it is not simply you doing your favorite recreational diving, but you can also share it with the little ones. It is the best use for their snorkeling, allowing them to circumnavigate through water currents. 

But, you have to remember that underwater scooters’ applicabilities still depend on the model and brand.  

List Of The Top Underwater Scooters 

If you’re preparing to purchase your first underwater scooter or upgrade, the list below is your perfect guide. This article collated the best, from entry-level underwater scooter to medium and high-end. You can surely find the diver propulsion vehicle you’re looking for. 

TUSA SAV-7 Underwater Scooter


The first on the best underwater scooter list is this heavy-duty TUSA SAV-7 known for having a maximum of three scuba divers capacities. Its Japanese manufacturer, TUSA, is the first to produce diving equipment. 

This TUSA SAV-7 is a major upgrade from its predecessors, highlighting smooth and effortless riding. Many upgrades and technological advances have been integrated into this underwater scooter, like LEDs and rechargeable batteries. 

Key Features

  • The progressive acceleration system has a level rotational speed control to create precise changes in your speed. This feature assured no-buckle transition.  
  • An LED battery indicator is also incorporated so you can easily monitor its health. 
  • It has a sealed lead acid battery that can run for 80 minutes. 
  • The TUSA SAV-7 has a three-speed propeller for you to control varied angles effortlessly. It also contributes to the scooter’s speed. 
  • The package comes with a saddle wing to accommodate two more scuba divers. Since it’s designed for three people, there will be no performance changes if one, two, or three use it. 
  • It has neutral buoyancy for relaxed floating. The maximum depth rate is 230 feet. 

Final Tips and Thoughts

The TUSA-7 is one of the top-rated underwater propulsion vehicles available. It promises a one-of-a-kind diving experience. The multiple capacities of this underwater scooter are also shockingly excellent. So, if you love to dive deeper with friends or family, this will serve you well for sure.

Windek Sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter


This compact underwater double propeller scooter parades itself for being the first in the world to have a double motor. It has a great body and power proportion as it can give superb thrusting even with its small body. This Sublue WhiteShark Mix also has an excellent waterproof performance securing all batteries as it soaked for a long time.

This underwater scooter is also easy and quick to use for hassle-free navigation. Overall, the structure and materials used to build this WhiteShark Mix are durable as its manufacturer, Windek, is already trusted. 

Key Features

  • It has a dual motors feature that guarantees high capability performance.
  • An ultra-lightweight device only weighs 3.5 kilograms; it is 20% of the usual DPVs.
  • This underwater scooter has a battery life of 11000 mAh that can last 30 minutes of continuous use. 
  • The double thrusters offer quality speed and thrust. It can explore the ocean at 8 kgf while having a top speed performance of 3.36 miles per hour. 
  • The floater was structured to achieve zero buoyancy. Additional safety features to the propellers are also included for added protection to your fingers.
  • Windek Sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter can go as deep as 131 ft. 
  • The camera mount is equipped in the design. However, the product doesn’t come with a camera. 

Final Tips and Thoughts 

The Windek Sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter is a trusted and durable device for underwater adventures. Even if you’re a beginner or a professional diver, this can surely cater to you. Kids can even navigate this type of scooter. 

So, if you decide to go on with this, make sure that you do necessary maintenance for longer shelf life. Ensure that you deep clean it with fresh water after using it on seawater. Batteries are also important to be looked at every before and after use. 

Yamaha YME22500 Underwater Seascooter


This next underwater scooter claims to be the best fit for recreational divers and experienced ones. Compared to the first diving equipment mentioned, this Yamaha YME22500 is heavier, faster, and long-lasting. 

You can also enjoy the coral reefs or practice your scuba diving techniques easier with its top-tier parts and design. 

Key Features

  • It has a three-speed feature that enables the sea scooter to go at a cruising speed of 4.35 miles per hour. 
  • Yamaha 500Li is on the heavier side of an underwater scooter weighing 12.63 kilograms. 
  • It has an adjustable buoyancy control system designed for saltwater to help you conserve energy. 
  • This scooter has a huge battery capacity and manages to go on 90-minute continuous shallow dives. 
  • One hundred thirty feet is its maximum depth. 
  • It has an extensively constructed casing for more water protection. 

Final Tips and Thoughts

If you’re looking for a model upgrade, this Yamaha YME22500 Pro or Recreational Dive 500Li Seascooter is for you. It offers high speed, durability, and easy maintenance. The depth rating of this device is also above average, making it suited for experienced divers and casual divers.  

However, if you’re a first-time sea scooter user, you should consider buying a more lightweight one. That way, you can be more comfortable carrying and navigating the device. 

CellBee Underwater Sea Scooter


Another best underwater scooter is the CellBee one, which caters mostly to kids for its remote parental mode. But don’t get this diving equipment wrong. Even adults can enjoy the experience using this premium black and yellow underwater scooter.

Indeed, it is one of the most technologically advanced sea scooters for its state-of-the-art design. 

Key Features

  • It has smart app control that allows you to manage the device using a phone. So, worry no more, as you can control the sea scooter used by your child. 
  • Claims to be elegantly powerful for its 360W electric motor for maximum power potential. 
  • The CellBee’s battery life can last up to 45 minutes of constant use. 
  • It is one of the best ultra-lightweight underwater scooters at 2.7 kg. 
  • The maximum depth of this underwater scooter is 30 meters. However, it’ll most likely float compared to others as it has positive buoyancy. 
  • A CellBee’s top speed is 2.7 miles per hour. 

Final Tips and Thoughts

CellBee is a kid-friendly underwater sea scooter based on features and tech improvement. It has smart app connectivity to give comfort and relief to parents or guardians of dive-loving youngsters. The parental mode that allows control over its speed, depth, and lighting is perfect for improving personal safety.

Regardless, it can still be one of the underwater scooter options for adults who do recreational diving. It is compact, easy to bring, and hassle-free to use. 

Aquaroboman Underwater Sea Scooter 


The final product on the list is another dominant underwater scooter for kids and adults. But, compared to the previous one, it has a striking balance to keep a wide age range happy about the diving experience. The Aquaroboman sea scooter also promotes the wonder of the deep sea as it has a tremendous depth range. 

Another thing it parades itself with is the capability of changing the battery in the middle of your deep ocean tour. As long as the device is turned off, you can easily replace it with your spare batteries.

Key Features

  • Built with a 2-in-1 modular to fit various scuba diving styles. 
  • It is in the middle underwater scooter size with 6.58 kilograms total weight. 
  • An LED indicator is embedded in the unit to keep track of the battery. 
  • The Aquaroboman is designed with three camera mounts for multi-directional shooting. 
  • Claims to have an eco-friendly design for divers to enjoy the sea without causing destruction. 
  • It also has positive buoyancy to reach the surface faster.

Final Tips and Thoughts

The Aquaroboman aqua scooter can be the best upgrade from your first underwater scooter unit. It’s not too heavy-duty, but not too basic as well. It can still perform its job when you reach the ocean. You can also guarantee a longer shelf life for this sea scooter since it is low maintenance and easy to store. 

Moreover, it is a cheaper underwater scooter compared to the other brands.

What To Consider Before Purchasing Underwater Scooters 

Sometimes, despite having presented specific products, people still look for more. So, to give you further details on the considerations you have to look into, keep on reading. 

Identify The Possible Usage

Before going into specifics, be reminded that you must identify first what type of diving you would want to do. Do you want recreational underwater scooters, or do you want top speed, longer battery life for an experienced diver?  

You need to ask yourself your depth preference, travel friendliness, speed, and the number of capacity. You also have to identify if it’s for adult or kid’s use. Each scooter comes in different specs and features, matching your needs. So, you must identify what and where you’re going to use it. 

By doing this step, you can ensure that what you’re purchasing is the unit fit for your diving lifestyle. 

Battery Life Before Charging 

Of course, you don’t want to get stuck 30 meters underwater just because your scooter ran out of battery, right? So, you have to look into the length of the time the underwater scooter can last. Most underwater scooters work between 30 minutes up to two hours. 

If you’re going for a shorter time, it will be cheaper, so consider buying spare batteries as well. However, the longer battery life can assure you longer shelf life. You must remember that the charge cycles affect the battery performance. So, the more you recharge it, the less it will perform. 

The Buoyancy 

Underwater scooters offer various options for buoyancy. Buoyancy is the tendency of your scooter to float or rise when submerged in a fluid. And you’ll need to know what type of buoyancy will fit your diving needs. 

Most underwater scooters offer positive, negative, or neutral buoyancy. In contrast, there is also some unit that offers a removable buoyancy control chamber for customization. For beginners, it is advisable to go for positive buoyancy since it’ll help in quickly reaching the surface. But the concern here might be the control difficulty. 

On the other hand, negative buoyant scooters tend to pull you down, especially when you’re not trained enough. For that reason, the best option could be investing in underwater scooters with buoyancy adjustments.

Speed and Depth

Another thing you have to consider in an underwater scooter is its speed capacity and depth reach. If you’re an experienced diver, you want to have a sea scooter that allows you to dive deeper into the sea. 

You would also consider speed since it will dictate how fast and wide you can roam around. Good thing most underwater scooters offer customization of speed. There is low, medium, and high speed that you can choose from. But the higher the speed, the more it will affect the battery, so you need to be cautious. 

Meanwhile, the best underwater scooter has a 100-120 feet depth range. So, it will truly depend on your preferences and needs.


What are the common usages of sea scooters?

You can use sea scooters for various reasons. You can use it for recreational diving, shallow diving, snorkelling, open water swimming, and ocean sightseeing. You can use underwater sea scooters in swimming pools, saltwater, lakes, rivers, and other water environments. 

What Will Happen If My Underwater Scooter Slipped On My Hand?

Most first-timers worry about this possibility, but many underwater scooters have a trigger; best if it has dual trigger control. This feature is responsible for the auto-shutoff or cutting the engine of aqua scooters.

Upon eliminating the worry on the device, you might worry about your safety. That’s why it is required to train before scuba diving. It will ensure your protection and condition for what will happen. 

How many batteries do I need for the underwater scooter? 

You’ll need one battery to keep your underwater scooter running. There are different batteries appropriate for sea scooters: lithium and lead-acid. Lithium batteries are more expensive, but they are low maintenance. In comparison, the lead-acid ones are cheaper but can be costly in the long run. 

If your underwater scooter has low battery life, you should consider getting spare batteries. 

How long can I use my underwater scooter before recharging or replacement? 

Depends on the unit that you have. Powerful sea scooters can last up to four hours of continuous use at maximum speed. But, other underwater scooters only last for 30 to 80 minutes. 

Can I Bring My Sea Scooters When I Travel? 

Not all sea scooters are appropriate for air travel. Some airlines don’t allow underwater scooter units that weigh around 12-20 kilograms, so find a compact and an ultra lightweight for traveling.

How Fast Can My Sea Scooter Go?

The speed of an underwater scooter completely depends on the features of the unit. However, the average speed of a single unit is 4 to 6.5 miles per hour. But the maximum speed of a sea scooter might still vary because of the water flow resistance and user’s weight. 

Final Thoughts

Discovering the depth of the ocean is indeed a thrilling experience. You’ll be exposed to creatures and coral reefs that humans don’t usually see daily. But, the strong water current underwater might affect your swimming speed, limiting your chance to roam. That’s why an underwater scooter will be of great help. 

But before you put yourself in a diving experience with a sea scooter, you have to be prepared. Aside from looking into the features of the best underwater scooters, it is also important to train. It would be best to abide by standard manual diving protocols with an underwater scooter.

Diving is no easy task, so you have to be conscious of your protection.