best pro scooter ramps

Best Pro Scooter Ramps

As a stunt rider, ramps are essential to have in your arsenal mainly because of the many tricks that you have to do to captivate your audience sooner rather than later. However, it can be hard to find the best pro scooter ramp that can suit your needs, especially if you are beginning to discover …

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razor a5 dlx scooter review

Razor A5 DLX Scooter Review

As technology has created many new modes of transportation, it also improved the technology incorporated in scooters. There are now Gas-powered scooters, electric scooters, and scooters with seats. There are hundreds of kinds of scooters to choose from, but nothing beats the classic kick scooter.  It has been a very convenient mode of transportation, whether it …

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razor powercore e100s scooter review

Razor Power Core E100s Review

Everyone knows scooters. There have been multiple models that have been released across different companies. This makes the scooter market pretty competitive, to say the least. The competitive nature of the market has forced companies to reinvent and reimagine what a scooter is. There have been different forms of the modernization of scooters. Some are …

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beleev v5 scooter review

Beleev V5 Scooter Review

The scooter market has been truly competitive. Various scooters offer high-caliber materials resulting in a whole new experience for riders. But have you heard of a foldable scooter? Or, have you seen a scooter that can cater to kids and fully grown adults?  Well, if your answer is no, then you haven’t seen this lit …

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