CCS Skateboards Review

The skateboard market is competitive. Iconic brands try to push their designs without missing their notable features. CCS has been around 30 years and has expanded from its humble beginnings in San Luis Obispo, California, to give us the boards we now know today.

Let’s look at some of the details that make CCS-manufactured skateboards stand out.

Features & Product Points to Know

The boards may differ in size and form depending on your choice, but here are some of the average features:

  • The entire assembly may weigh up to 8 pounds (deck, wheels, bearings, etc., included) but light enough for tail tricks.
  • No assembly is needed. They come prebuilt with original parts.
  • Great designs even for collectors who just hang it on the wall.
  • Long 32” deck up to an 8.5” width that gives you accessible room for maneuvering.
  • Small soft wheels that quickly ride through road imperfections and sidewalks.

CCS Skateboard Deck Graphics & Colors

Why We Love It

CCs Skateboards are proven to be high-quality at a cost-efficient price. It’s great that you can freely customize the boards with some excellent graphics and creative designs that speak about you.

The package also comes with skate tools and components that save you the effort of coming back to the shop or waiting for it to arrive at your doorsteps. If you’re in a community or meet up with fellow skaters, having tools always comes in handy.

Another thing to appreciate is its lightweight design for both children and adults. Lots of parents put their trust in this brand with zero to no complaints. It arrives at your doorstep prebuilt and upgradable for advanced skateboarding set-ups. 

Don’t worry about daunting this board’s ability because it’s prepared for bolder moves.

CCS Skateboards: Honest Customer Reviews

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Plenty of shoppers get lured into buying CCS Boards because of their relatively affordable price, and it does not disappoint. 

Many users appreciate its excellent medium concave with an equal nose/tail kicker for switch skating. Others that purchase pointed nose boards say it flexes even more. The bottom line is you can do your tricks and turns without a fuss.

Also, those switching from cheaper skateboards fall in love with CCS boards quickly. Those who use it on rougher surfaces upgrade or replace their wheels with larger and softer ones. Fortunately, the design formulated by years of experience makes it easy to replace the wheels on the go.

When it comes to grip tape, they love the perfect installation with no air bubbles. You can get it in black or opt for a clear version. It’s easy for your feet to lock onto and shift the board without discomfort. Let it cruise you downhill without a doubt of falling off.

Here are the pros and cons of customers who experienced using CCS Skateboards.


  • Inexpensive but worth the buy.
  • Only Top-class materials are used, from grip tape to wood, bushing wheels, etc.
  • Prebuilt means less hassle.
  • Smooth action that requires little to no effort.
  • Lightweight for all ages.
  • They make relatively wider boards with a unique design.
  • Simple yet Customizable.


  • It might have tight wheels that just need to be loosed.
  • Larger & softer wheels are recommended for doing street skating.

Why You Should Buy CCS Skateboards

Plenty of brands offer excellent quality but at an exorbitant price. CCS boards are a gem in the rough because the hardware on their products is more than sufficient for skating. Its custom design is also helpful in doing some kicks and tricks, even for a newbie or returning skater.

Get only the best boards that are proven and tested by actual skaters. As an amateur or pro looking for a suitable board, CCS is on the top list of skateboards that won’t disappoint.

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