Fuzion Z350 Pro Scooter Review

Fuzion Z350 Pro Scooter Review

Settling on the right choice can be difficult, especially if you can’t choose which to buy. Doing a bit of research can take a ton of your time when you’re overwhelmed with choices. Try not to stress; below is one of the top-rated pro scooters in the industry.

If you already have one at home, take a moment to imagine yourself on a new scooter. Do you gain maximum air as you do stunts, grind down the rails, or have fun in the skatepark? Remember this picture as you read reviews and see if it matches what you want in a scooter.

Features & Product Specs

  • It offers a fast and smooth ride because of its ABEC-9 bearings – one of the best bearings you can have.
  • The scooter is quick to assemble. You only need to tighten two bolts when it arrives because manufacturers already have it completed.
  • It provides a comfortable ride and is perfect for intermediate and advanced riders.
  • Incredibly lightweight, making it easier to perform jumps and tricks while in the air
  • Extremely durable and can hold up to 220 pounds

Why We Love It

Fuzion Z350 Pro Scooter (Burgundy)

This scooter feels completely customized the moment you receive it. The Fuzion Z350 Pro comes pre-outfitted with all Fuzion parts and offers three stylized alternatives. The manufacturers worked with the best creators in the business to make it look incredible while providing the best performance.

The Fuzion Z350 Pro Scooter is about stunts! It’s an excellent model scooter for a rider in the intermediate level interested in trying different things with new tricks. The more extensive deck is enhanced to get more air, while the curved design makes it ideal for grinding. It can take anything on from Bri Flips to finger whips.

A portion of this model’s vital highlights includes:

  • A Triptic T-bar style handlebar.
  • Responsive nylon brake.
  • Wholly integrated and sealed headset.
  • It has a One-Piece, CNC-designed aluminum Saber fork.

It likewise incorporates comfortable oversized, plus, and blister-free large 155mm Hex grips. Also, it has 6-spoke aluminum core tires with a 120mm split that is streamlined for speed.

Customer Thoughts

Fuzion Z350 Pro Scooter (Burgundy)

Customers commended the Fuzion Z350’s durable zone, along with it a design that everyone in the stunt scooter industry admires. The wheels go smoothly with their color components, and the same can be said with the deck and grip graphics.

The solid and smooth bearings go a long way for a leisure ride around the park or doing rigorous stunts. They also have impressive graphics that goes so well with the entire scooter, making everything a step to the next level. It is the impression that Fuzion Z350 often leaves on its customers and riders.


  • The scooter has ABEC-9 bearings – one of the best in the market
  • 120mm tires for more speed
  • T-bar style handlebars
  • The deck is in a concave shape with a rail bottom made specifically for grinds.
  • All Fuzion aftermarket parts are equipped in the Z350


  • Some riders may not like the expansive deck
  • The heaviest model in the Fuzion series

Why You Should Buy the Fuzion Z350

If you want to go to the next level, the Fuzion Z300 Pro scooter is an ideal choice for you. Before doing intermediate-level tricks, you need to know how to adjust impacts and balance uniformly on the deck. The more extensive and sturdier 6061 T6 aluminum deck is a surface centrally reinforced with a level base.

Likewise, the forces applied on it will equally convey to the deck’s external surface. This scooter is the best pro scooter that would be an ideal ally for your transition to the next level.

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