Globber NL 500 Scooter Review

Scooters have evolved from flimsy toys that kids ride on to extreme sports and viable modes of transportation. It develops with today’s technology, meaning that it still is and will continue to grow as the year progresses.

There have been many improvements to a scooter, motorized engines, and whatnot. Even with numerous innovations, there still remains a surplus of scooter models that stick to the classic charm of a simple kick scooter, especially with kids and young ones. Today this article reviews the Globber NL 500

Why We Love It

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The Globber NL 500 scooter is the definition of sweet and simple on a scooter. It is the most accessible scooter to learn for kids eight years old and up. It is the perfect scooter for students, university students, teachers, commuters, or anyone that needs to quickly bounce around nearby areas around the city.

The Globber NL features a patented locking mechanism combined with an easy folding system to break down and set up quickly.

Next-Gen Scooter

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The revolutionary design of the Globber NL makes for a scooter that is a head-turner regardless of who is riding it. The Globber NL 500 features a curved and adjustable T-Bar wider than the standard handlebars found in scooters. The handlebars can go up to 42 inches high. 

Easy handling

The scooter can be fit to any rider’s height in a matter of seconds. The T-bar made from anodized aluminum can be easily adjusted with a flip of a lever. It can cater to young kids to full-grown adults. There are a total of 4 heights that the riders can choose from. Kids won’t be able to outgrow this scooter for good reasons. 

Quality-Structured Deck

The NL 500 combines comfort and durability in the engineering of its deck. The deck, which is triple-structured, also features an anti-slip grip tape. With the right kind of shoes, sneakers, or rubber-soled shoes, the grip feature allows for hours of riding without it being too tiring. 

The deck is sturdy enough to handle a little over 100kg or 220 pounds. The deck is spacious enough to accommodate both feet to make it easier for riders to glide with every kick. 

Convenient Folding System

The Globber NL 500 is easy to fold up. The button on the scooter simply needs to be lifted upward to fold up the scooter while standing. The system’s design can make the scooter stand-alone in trolley mode to be carried easily. Perfect for commuters who ride the subway or those who need to store it easily in car trunks. 

Durable Handles and Wheels

The stylish TPR handlebar grips featured in the scooter are very comfortable for the hands of the rider. The 205mm wheels allow the scooter a smoother ride through rough terrains and pavements. 

Since 205mm-wheels are slightly larger than the wheels found in most scooter models, it allows for a bit of clearance from the ground to the deck. 

The higher clearance allows for easy riding through humps and uphills. The wheels are also crafted from polyurethane which makes the scooter smooth to ride quickly. The ratings of the wheels are abec 5. The wheels can also be interchanged with wheels from another manufacturer given that it is the same size. 


The scooter also comes in four different colors to fit the preferences of any rider. It can come in black and red or black and grey. For those who are looking for brighter colors, it also comes in white and pink or black and teal. Whatever color is chosen, it is sure to be a head-turner. 

Final Thoughts

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Globber is one of the scooter brands that are trusted by many worldwide. The Globber company prides itself on being a leader in innovation in the scooter industry.  They manufacture scooters that fit individuals of any age. The scooters are a perfect combination of modern design without sacrificing outstanding performance, The Globber NL 500 is the go-to scooter for on-the-go people. It makes traversing through cities and neighborhoods stylish and easy. 

Do note that even though scooter companies prioritize safety in the engineering of their scooters, it isn’t enough. Users should also have safety precautions of their own. That is why it is recommended that riders wear protective gear whenever riding scooters. This goes for any riding mechanism of the exact nature. 

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