grit fluxx pro scooter review

Grit Fluxx Pro Scooter Review

Already mastered your scooter fundamentals and want to take it to the next level? Take this short read because Grit Fluxx Pro Scooter might be just what you need.

Highlighted Features and Specifications

“Live to Ride” is the mantra of Grit Scooters. Grit is a proud scooter brand originating from “The Land Down Under,” Australia. It has built a good reputation in making formidable scooters for extreme riding in Australia. This homegrown refinement has later made it one of the top brands worldwide.

The Fluxx Pro Scooter is just one of the many prominent brain-child of Grit. It had first been available to the market on November 9, 2020. However, even with a short period of exposure, this has become one of the favorites. Furthermore, it has been remarked as one of the top-selling scooters in the market because of its features.

Vibrant Colors

If you’re a fan of the punky street aesthetics; graffiti, neon, vibrant colors, or cyberpunk? Then, without a doubt, you’ll like the aesthetics of the Grit Flux Pro Scooter. That is Grit’s show of personality – the vibrant colors which decorated their scooters. You would surely stand out among other riders with this style.

Built For The Extreme

Of course, a scooter is not just about style but also durability. Every good scooter needs to have the durability to withstand impact and support its rider’s skill. 

For this reason, Grit has made sure to only provide the rugged make for your Flux Pro Scooter components. It showcases a deck that is specified as a Triple Channel 6061 Heat Treated Alloy. Similarly, it has 3 degrees Concavity which comes with an Integrated Grind Rail. You know you got your deck right if it comes with these excellent specifications.

Another significant component is their High Tensile HIC Fork complemented with a 31.8mm Alloy Double Clamp. These components assure that you can maneuver your coasts and tricks with ease.

Rider Comfort

Grit Fluxx Pro Scooter - Stunt Scooter - Trick Scooter - Intermediate Pro Scooter - for Kids Ages 6+ and Heights 4.0ft-5.5ft (Neo Paint/Black)

All-day riding is the bliss of any scooter enthusiast. However, long periods of riding can wear you down if you are using harmful components. That is why Grit made sure you’ll enjoy your long rides by giving you quality wheels and comfort gripped handlebars.

Reinforced Gusseted Riser Bars with soft grips are provided for your comfort in handling your scooter for this aspect. Meanwhile, Polyurethane 2 Color Wheels with ABEC 9 Bearings are integrated for the wheels to ensure your smooth sailings. Of course, take complete control of your turns and stops with an efficient and quiet Grit Flex Fender Brake.

Why We Love It

If you are still not sold with these fantastic features, then let the customer reviews reinforce these claims. Among many positive reviews coming from buyers, one remarked how his child loved how the scooter performs. The scooter also received endless positive comments from her ride mates. 

The wheels installed on the scooter were described to be silky smooth even for big and heavy users. Previous buyers are leaving five-star reviews with “no regrets.” This reception is not a surprise at all, given the feature and style Grit Fluxx Pro Scooter showcases.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a fun hobby isn’t too hard when you have tried experiencing the adrenaline rush of being on wheels. That being said, not every scooter gives the same performance. Be sure to invest in a quality scooter and level up your scooter skills without riding a risky scooter. Rock up your rides and style. Live to ride with Grit Fluxx Pro Scooter.

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