tanner fox pro scooter review

Lucky Tanner Fox Scooter Review

Does your current scooter don’t fit your skills anymore? Want to take your experience to a new level? Then, it’s time for you to upgrade with Tanner Fox Pro Scooter. 

Tanner Fox Pro Scooter is one of the joint efforts produced by Tanner Fox and Lucky.  This premium-looking pro scooter was created hand-in-hand with Tanner Fox to show off his exquisite styling. With its high-class features, this is the ideal scooter for young and intermediate riders. 

Why Upgrade to the New TFox™ Pro Scooter?

Here’s why you might want to consider upgrading to Tanner Fox Pro Scooter:

It is Built with Indestructive Parts

Lucky TFOX Complete Pro Scooter - Tanner Fox Designed Trick Scooter for Intermediate Riders, Analog

The new TFox™ is created with high-grade components and materials. It includes the 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum analog deck to ensure durability and stability. The clamp used in this scooter also has the 6000 series aircraft aluminum for safety and sturdiness. 

This Pro Scooter also uses spring steel which has a perfect angle to create an exceptionally stopping power.  Tanner Fox Scooter is truly built to last. 

Once in A Lifetime Collection 

This scooter is a rare piece. The TFox™ Pro Scooter is made in collaboration with Tanner Fox, an American Youtuber that produces scootering contents. He is widely popular in the riders community, which makes this collection one of a kind. Having Fox also joined the development team ensures that this Pro Scooter is well-planned and designed by professionals.

Help You Reach Your Maximum Riding Potential 

 The materials used to build this scooter will indeed help you polish up your riding skills. TFox™ is equipped with a new bar lineup in the market, the Lucky 4130 Kinkbar™. It is formulated using the 4130 Chromoly and TIG Welds to make the bar extra powerful and reactive. High-grade 110mm wheels also power the Tanner Fox Scooter for a smooth and fast glide. 

Lightweight and Trendy

Lucky TFOX Complete Pro Scooter - Tanner Fox Designed Trick Scooter for Intermediate Riders, Analog

The Black Anodized HIC Huracan™ Fork is used in the TFox™ Pro Scooter to provide riders with some toughness while staying lightweight. It only weighs 7.0 lbs, very much perfect and handy. Everyone also loves the partnership between Lucky and Tanner Fox, so it’s in the trend. Its posh design and subtle colors make the scooter visually and aesthetically pleasing.

Easy to Assemble

Though TFox™ Pro Scooter is one of the market premiums, it does not mean that you have to take hours for it to assemble. It only needs to be tightened using clamps, and it is ready to serve you. The seller also ensures that your product is complete and will be packaged securely for delivery.

Why Do Riders Love It?

Lucky TFOX Complete Pro Scooter - Tanner Fox Designed Trick Scooter for Intermediate Riders, Analog

Since the TFox™ was unveiled, multiple excellent reviews and recommendations from customers and professional riders alike came crashing. Its fresh-looking and rigid designs made the riders fall in love with it. They also found an instant connection with scooter idol Tanner Fox when they started riding the product.

Its indestructible parts, well-engineered totality, and fantastic design are among the aspects that hooked riders into trying the Tanner Fox Pro Scooter. 

The Lucky brand also played a significant role in why TFox™ Pro Scooter is well-appreciated by the riders. Lucky continuously proved that their products’ quality and craftsmanship are always at their peak. It is also an excellent present for your kids and loved ones who love to ride scooters. 

Final Thoughts

The Tanner Fox Pro Scooter has embodied all the great qualities of a scooter. It is perfect for riders that wanted to up their skills and riding experience. TFox™ offers an ideal mix of high-performing, visually pleasing, and premium experience scooters. It is fit for beginners and intermediate riders.

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