phoenix force pro scooter review

Phoenix Force Scooter Review

Does your current scooter don’t fit your preference anymore? Do you want to have a complete astonishing upgrade? Well then, Phoenix Force Pro Scooter is the one you should look for.  Phoenix Force Scooter is one of the collections released by the Phoenix Pro Scooters. It is a well-trusted scooter and skateboard company that started shocking the world in 2009. Since then, the company has been dedicated to producing high-end and professional scooters. And Phoenix Force is no exemption. 

Phoenix Force Pro Scooter Features

The scooter may vary in colors and design, depending on your or your kids’ preference. But here are among the best features of Phoenix Force:

  • It is built using the best materials in the market. Phoenix Force Pro has a 4.5” by 19.5” well-balanced extended deck, incorporated with another deck for perfect grip. 
  • Phoenix Force has a perfect height bar that fits riders 4 ft to 5.5 ft tall. It also features an additional long steel bar to ensure that it will not easily be bent or broken.  
  • For accuracy and safety, this scooter has the signature Phoenix Flex Brake. 
  • This scooter also has the fastest and smoothest wheels in the market. Phoenix Force wheels are made with 110mm 88A alloy aluminum metal-core with the highest ABEC9 bearings. 
  • It is lightweight and compressed. The Phoenix Force Pro Scooter only weighs 7.5 pounds, perfect for anywhere use. 
  • No additional tools are needed to assemble. The package comes with an Allen wrench and decals for the scooter for an easy and fast build. 

Why Do Riders Love It?

Phoenix Force Pro Scooter (Black/Neon Blue)

Phoenix Force Pro Scooters has been receiving so much recognition and praise from the customers since its released. Its excellent and exquisite design and materials made the riders fall in love with this scooter instantly.  The best scooter company also manufactures it, which gives that sense of reliability among users. 

The design and technology used in this scooter are hand-picked by professionals. Thus, it will guarantee you the best riding experience of your time. It is also best to use when you wanted to practice your tricks.  If you are a real scooter savvy, you also don’t have to worry about the materials. It fits the industry standards, so upgrading and swapping parts in the future won’t be a hassle.

Color Variations

Summarized Customer Reviews

Phoenix Force Pro Scooter (Black/Neon Blue)

Most purchasers get tempted to have their Phoenix Force Scooter because of its good quality features. 

Many riders loved the fact that it provides a noiseless experience. They have also constantly pointed out how the wheels are of excellent quality. They added that they have been gliding smoothly even after months of continuous usage. The scooter’s overall durability and sturdiness also managed to hold up even with various stunts and tricks.  

Riders also love the offered color and design variety of this scooter. There are many options for them to choose from to make sure that it fits their style perfectly. Based on the reviews, here are the Phoenix Force Pro Scooter’s pros and cons:


  • Tailored to fit diverse riders. 
  • The scooter is built with sturdy materials. 
  • It is a fast and smooth gliding scooter. 
  • There are various designs and colors to choose from.
  • It does not make any irritating noise. 
  • The package includes tools that make it easy to assemble.


  • It might not be the cheapest scooter in the market, but considering the materials used, it’s worth it. 
  • The bearing might cause noise, but tools can easily adjust itmay it be tightened or loosened.  

Should You Buy The Phoenix Force?

Maybe you are still confused about the upgrades you want for your scooter. But these presented features of the Phoenix Force Pro Scooter should give you a glimpse of an excellent upgrade. This scooter got all the best materials the market has to offer right now. So, don’t waste time and purchase one for your own now. 

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