ROOT INDUSTRIES Honeycore Scooter Wheels 110mm


LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE. ALL Root Industries pro scooter wheels are SUPER lightweight, while remaining durable and maintaining a sleek, attractive design. These lightweight scooter wheels allow for much easier trick execution and more stable scooter control.


The best riders ride the Root Industries scooter wheel! From years of testing at skateparks worldwide and in the streets around the globe, ALL Root Industries products are forged through hours upon hours of dedication and determination, hard work and hard slams, heavy research and calculated execution, to ensure that Root Industries’ parts are up to ANY task

? EASY INSTALLATION. Get to the spot and start the session in no time! With Root Industries’ easy-to-install Honeycore scooter wheels, installation of these vital components is a breeze and a no-brainer. In the past, it could take 10-20 minutes to swap a pair of wheels. Root Industries’ line of high-quality AIR or Honeycore 110mm scooter wheels / 120mm scooter wheels eliminates the need for lengthy scooter-surgery and lets the rider get back to what’s REALLY important – riding!