razor a5 dlx scooter review

Razor A5 DLX Scooter Review

As technology has created many new modes of transportation, it also improved the technology incorporated in scooters. There are now Gas-powered scooters, electric scooters, and scooters with seats. There are hundreds of kinds of scooters to choose from, but nothing beats the classic kick scooter. 

It has been a very convenient mode of transportation, whether it is zipping from station to station in the subway or traversing through the city. The scooter is one of the best modern solutions to navigate urban jungles. It can also be a relaxing way to just stroll through local parks or neighborhood streets. The Razor A5 DLX kick scooter is one of the newer designs that stays true to the classic kick scooter appeal.

Why We Love the Razor A5 DLX?

Easy Set-up

The scooter arrives already assembled but needs to be unfolded. The rider just needs to lock in the handles and extend the handlebars parallel to the deck. Once this is done, the scooter is ready to go. The A5 features a quick-release lever, so it just takes a quick tug to unlock the deck and click it into place. 

The handlebars also feature the quick-release system. This allows the scooter to be easily adjusted. The handlebars can be put at any length depending on the rider. This makes the A5 perfect for any age, whether for children or the young at heart. 

Silent Scooting

Razor A5 DLX Kick Scooter - Silver - FFP

The A5 is one scooter that won’t disrupt the neighbors or anyone near while it is ridden. The scooter features an anti-rattle mechanism that is patent-pending. This allows the scooter to make minimal noise when ridden even over rough terrain and uneven pavement. 

It also has an easy folding mechanism that keeps the rattling at a minimum whenever the scooter is carried. So whether it is stored in the back of cars or carried on the train in the subway, people in the vicinity won’t hear a thing. The storage and transportation of this model haven’t been this easy. 

Since the A5 is a model with adjustable handlebars and a pretty sturdy frame, it can support many types of riders. The scooter has a very solid T-tube and a durable deck made from aluminum. This makes the scooter strong enough to support even the taller or heavier riders that want to ride it. 

The deck can handle a weight of a little over 220 pounds (100kg). The handlebars also incorporate soft grips for added comfort and style.

Bigger Wheels

Razor A5 DLX Kick Scooter - Silver - FFP

The A5 also features all-new extra-large wheels. The eight-inch urethane wheels enhance the quality of the ride of the scooter. This size is improbable for kick scooters. The big wheels allow the scooter to ride smoothly on almost any surface or terrain. Even though the scooter rides smoothly, it doesn’t take away that the urethane wheels on this model have good traction and grip. 

The wheels also have excellent wear-and-tear resistance, which translates to more extended durability. The wheels also allow for quite a bit of clearance from the pavement to the scooter’s deck. This makes it easier to ride through small humps or curbs in the streets because of the reduced shock. 

Lightweight scooter

The scooter can easily be carried with one hand at around 8.8 pounds (4kg). The A5 is one of the perfect models for daily commutes since you can pack it up nicely when boarding trains. It can easily be stored in car trunks as well. 

Rear Brakes

An additional feature of the A5 is the rear fender foot brake. This kind of braking system is very rudimentary, but it is very effective. It the speed when riding easier to control, which means increased stability for the rider.  When a scooter is easy to handle and provides quality stability, the chances of experiencing accidents while riding it are meager. 

Easy Storage

Razor A5 DLX Kick Scooter - Silver - FFP

When the user is done or tired from a full day of riding, the scooter can be easily stored. Since the A5 features a quick-release function, it takes a quick tug of a few locks, and it can fold down. The handlebars of the scooter collapse as well to take up less space. 

The deck of the A5 also features a kickstand so that the scooter can stand upright. It is such a space-saver that it can be easily hidden anywhere. 

Bigger Deck

The Razor A5 DLX scooter is part of Razor’s A5 series. It offers numerous similar features as the LUX line. The wheels, the sturdiness, the adjustable handlebars, etc., are some of them. What sets the DLX apart from the similar A5 models is that the deck is more oversized at 39x17x35 inches. 

This feature is impressive, considering that the scooter stays at 8.8kg. If there is a need for a more durable scooter that better fits taller frames for adults, the DLX is the perfect model. 

Final Thoughts

The A5 DLX combines the classic allure of a kick scooter with a few modern improvements. It is a model that will not disappoint especially coming from the Razor brand that is trusted by millions. The quality and performance of this scooter with the $109.99 price tag can’t be rivaled. It really is a steal. 

Do note that even though scooter manufacturers have multiple safety measures for their scooters, it isn’t enough. It is recommended that riders, especially kids ages 12 and below, wear protective gear when riding the A5 DLX.

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