Razor Crazy Cart XL Review

Razor Crazy Cart XL Review

No matter what age, we all know that there’s always going to be a kid in all of us. Razor, being one of the leading electric ride dealers worldwide since 2000, can prove that. They believe that fun should not stop just because you grew up. After all the overwhelming demands from customers due to the success of the Crazy Cart, Razor finally came up with the Crazy Cart XL, a full-size, high-powered drift kart. 

Let’s get to know more about Razor’s Crazy Cart  XL and what makes it an exceptional choice for a go-kart. 

Features and Product Points to Know 

If you’re a fan of the original Crazy Cart from Razor, which was a massive success in the go-kart industry, you’d already know the basics of the bigger version — the Crazy Cart XL. Here are some of its prominent features:

  • It has a patented steering system that allows manageable drifting, turning, and stopping. 
  • It has a Drift Bar and Dual Rear Caster Wheels, which will enable drivers to control their drifts, spins, and cornering.
  • Its patented drift system also gives the driver the capability to vary the rear caster angle for driving and drifting in all directions. 
  • It has variable speed foot pedal acceleration and an extra high-torque, chain-driven motor.
  • It also includes a more extensive, more powerful 36V rechargeable battery system and charger.

Why We Love It 

Besides the fact that Razor is known for good quality products, this Crazy Cart XL can speak for itself. You can quickly assemble it, which means you can experience all the fun right away.

Another good thing is that it can give you crazy drifts and spins at a speed of up to 14mph for up to  40 minutes non-stop. We all know that for any battery-operated machine, one thing that matters the most is how long we can use it continuously if it is fully charged. Speaking of which, the Crazy Cart XL has a 36V (three 12V) sealed lead acid, quick-change compartment, and its packaging comes with a battery charger. The good thing about its battery system is that it charges fast, so you’re always ready to ride. 

Most importantly, we are thrilled that this Crazy Cart XL can be used by ages 16 and up. It has a built-in raised bucket-style seat which makes it more comfortable to use regardless of your height. Either you just got home from school, or work, getting into your crazy cart XL is the best way to release the stress. 

What Customers Are Saying

A lot of customers get hooked on buying this Crazy Cart XL. Who wouldn’t, right? It’s the Go-Kart we’re all need. One of the most prominent factors mentioned by customers is the cart’s durability. One even said that you could knock it around cement walls and posts daily, and it doesn’t even break.  Many users appreciate that this product is highly heavy-duty, so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything that may happen while you’re in the middle of drifting. 

Other users compared the Crazy Cart XL to a life-size Mario Kart, which drives a lot of attention to computer game enthusiasts. One even said that being able to experience something that you only get to control in games is worth it. Customers also love that the rear wheels are upgradeable with Apollo casters or longboard wheels. Many users also share that you can watch videos on YouTube to know how to navigate the cart.

We listed down a few pros and cons of using the Crazy Cart XL. 


  • The price is assuredly worthy of the fun that you can get. 
  • It has easy and multi-directional drifting. 
  • Parts can be modified or upgraded if you want to customize your cart. 
  • Materials used such as chains, wheels, and motors are incredibly durable.
  • The cart itself has a primary machine set up and is not complicated to use. 
  • The machine is pre-assembled. 
  • Can accommodate any rider up to 240lbs (109kgs). 


  • Castor wheels may wear off quickly if used on rough roads 
  • May need replacing of parts, and you can find parts easily
  • It doesn’t have a seat belt and dedicated brakes. 

Final Thoughts

Just because you grew up, got a job, and went on with life doesn’t mean that you can no longer play with carts. Razor proves to us that for as long as there is a kid in you, you can always enjoy this Crazy Cart XL. There may be many other brands that can offer great deals when it comes to these machines, but Razor has already made its position on the top of the list of trustworthy dealers. 

Regardless if this is something new to you, or you’re already a fan of the original Crazy Cart, it’s proven that this new version will not disappoint you. 


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