razor dirt quad review

Razor Dirt Quads Review

Are you tired of playing with your usual two-wheeler ride? Do you want to have an exciting and riding experience? Then, the new and improved Razor Dirt Quad might be for you. 

Razor Dirt Quad is not your ordinary ride. It is a four-wheel vehicle that brings you adventure and fun. The car’s versatility can conquer either smooth or rocky roads. Indeed, a picture-perfect car for kids or teens on your next family outdoor trip. Razor Quad Dirt is a sturdy and robust ride that will surely last long. 

But if you’re still torn about what Razor Dirt Quad voltage you wanted to get, is the 24v or the 36v? This piece will help you decide. 

Razor Dirt Quad 24v

Since its 2019 release, Razor Dirt Quad has captured the customers with its affordable price and great overall features. Among its stand-out feature is its two 12v rechargeable batteries that can last up to 40 minutes of continuous use. Its fresh-looking and rigid designs also contributed to why riders fall in love with it. 

Razor Dirt Quad is also a game-changer in the market. The quad-wheeled ride disrupts the sports scooter ranking by offering a real-deal experience. All of the parts are built with high-end materials that ensure the product’s durability.  

It also weighs 75 pounds, which helps the riders not to fall or rollover. The weight provides excellent balance so that riders can maneuver it easily. Thus, it will be accessible even if it is just your first time riding a four-wheel scooter like this. 

The speed of Razor Dirt Quad is also promising. It can run up to eight miles per hour, perfect for a thrilling adventure. This 24v Dirt Quad can also be a nice gift for your kids and other loved ones.  

Thoughts on the Razor Dirt Quad 24v

Most customers get tempted to have their Razor Dirt Quad 24v because of its fresh and innovative take on entry level quads.  

They added that Razor Dirt Quad 24v is the appropriate variant for their kids. It can last enough time for them but at the same time can recharge quickly.  The vehicle’s overall durability and sturdiness also managed to hold up even with various bump roads and tricky directions.

 Razor Dirt Quad 36v

One-word answer for this question is POWER! The 36v Razor Dirt Quad has all the latter variant features but with more capacity and strength. This four-wheeler ATV is perfectly tailored for your kids who wanted to go professional with their skills and teens. It can cater to the excitement and adventure needs of those mentioned age range. 

The 36v variant also offers much more time usage. It can last up to 68 minutes of non-stop use because of the three 12v batteries incorporated in the unit. With an additional battery, it weighs more pounds than the 24v variant. Thus, the rider’s balance can be more controlled. These are also two of the main reasons why most customers opt to have this variant.  

Razor Dirt Quad 36v can also run faster than the 24v as it drives nine miles per hour. The unit is also big enough to tackle more rugged off-train directions. The maximum capacity of the 36v variant is also heartening for the customers with 220 pounds. Kids and teenagers alike can fit superbly in this electric vehicle.

Additionally, this grown-up and pumped version of the Dirt Quad series have been praised by professional riders. And, more and more riders are already hopping. 

Thoughts on the Razor Dirt Quad 36v

Since the release of the 24v variant, customers and riders alike have been eager to have a unit with a greater capacity. Thus, when the 36v was released, it has received instant recognition and praise. The most common upgrades customers notice are speed and power. They said that it runs smoothly on the different road surfaces, such as grass and up hills. 

They also said that the capacity of this 36v Razor Dirt Quad should not remain unnoticeable. As per some of the parents’ reviews, this unit can handle teens to adults. 

One of the most notable comments from a mom Shelby C goes like this:

“Buy this electric quad! The online reviews are spot on. Your kid will have fun, and you will too if they let you on it!”

However, some reviews also said that it could take more time to recharge due to the battery capacity. Some suggest that you get a spare battery if you prefer to extend your kids’ adventure. But more than an hour of continuous fun is an excellent capacity already. It would be enough for your kids to have fun. 

Razor Dirt Quad Key Features

Razor Dirt Quad 500 - 36V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Teens and Adults Up to 220 lbs

Though Razor Dirt Quad has two voltage variants, its main features and materials are almost the same. It is to provide, whatever variant you choose, the rider their best riding experience. So, here are among the best parts of this trendy and chic electric vehicle:  

  • The frame is made with powder-coated tubular steel that fits all weather conditions. A plastic fairing is also incorporated to ensure that it becomes shatter-resistant. 
  • It also has four 12” (305 mm) knurled and curvy tires that made it possible to conquer various road obstacles. Rugged trails and big bumps are easily passable with this quad ride. 
  • Razor Dirt Quad also has a variable speed, twist-grip throttle. This feature made the car effortlessly controllable and make it feels like the real deal. 
  • There are also adjustable riser handlebars and a hand-operated rear disc brake. It ensures the safety and comfort of the riders.
  • The Razor Dirt Quad does not just offer voltages variety but also design and colors. You can easily pick a configuration that fits your personality and style. 
  • The architectural design of the Razor Dirt Quad also made it capable of space-saving vertical storage. 
  • This quad car is also a rechargeable battery-operated machine, and the good thing is the package comes with the charger. 

Final Thoughts

What Razor Dirt Quad variant you will choose is entirely just based on your personal preference and needs. Both have excellent features that are devised perfectly by the professionals. It both offers quality, service, and style, which are the things that you can expect from Razor. It is the manufacturing company that produces the Dirt Quad. 

Razor has been in the industry of creating the best riding buddy for kids and teens alike for decades. They are one of America’s most trusted brands as they always live up to the customers’ expectations. 

Whatever unit you choose, there is a guarantee of the highest standard of quality because Razor promises its clients. Does it fit your kid’s needs for outdoor fun and recreation? Time to get your unit and start one of the best adventures of your lifetime. 

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