razor powercore e100s scooter review

Razor Power Core E100s Review

Everyone knows scooters. There have been multiple models that have been released across different companies. This makes the scooter market pretty competitive, to say the least. The competitive nature of the market has forced companies to reinvent and reimagine what a scooter is.

There have been different forms of the modernization of scooters. Some are electric, some are gas-powered, and some have been designed explicitly for tricks. In this review, we take a closer look at the Razor Power Core E100s. Is it worth the money? And is it one of the better models in the market?

The Power Core E100s is one of the more progressive scooters in the market. It features an all-new in-wheel hub motor. The scooter is less heavy, and its new technology allows longer riding time compared to the previous model, the E100. This means 60 free minutes of pure riding fun. 

Why We Love It

Razor Power Core E100S Seated Electric Scooter - Black/Red - FFP

Longer Ride

The power core technology incorporated into the E100s makes this scooter less of a hassle to maintain. The design provides the rider with twice the length of ride time and 50% more power than the E100. This makes the scooter ride on uphills and changing elevations in the road. Do note that the 60 minutes of riding applies to mainly level pavements. 

The riding time may decrease depending on the number of uphills and elevations. The scooter comes with two 12-volt rechargeable batteries and a charger. 

Improved Torque

The scooter is electric and features a motor that is better than the previous model, the E100. The scooter can reach a speed of over eleven miles per hour. It can be intimidating for some, especially young kids or adults, but can be controlled easily. The learning curve is not too steep. Speeds can change as well, depending on the incline or the decline on the path. 

Quality Tires

Razor Power Core E100S Seated Electric Scooter - Black/Red - FFP

The scooter also features quality rubber tires for a smoother ride. The scooter can go on almost all terrains. The E100s also is very easy to handle and maneuver for kids and adults alike. The tires provide traction and grip so that the chances of slipping are kept to a minimum. The front is a urethane tire for expert twisting and turning. 

Easy Assembly 

The E100s doesn’t require an extensive manual to be able to be assembled correctly. It actually is simple enough to figure out without a manual and straight from the box. The scooter comes in two main pieces, the handlebars, and the deck. After connecting the two parts together, all there is to do is attach the seat, and it is good to go. 

And yes, it comes with a chair. But for individuals who prefer riding a scooter standing up, the seat can be easily removed for a more spacious deck. 

Overall Quality

The scooter is one of the more silent models when it comes to motorized scooters. It is shocking considering the amount of torque that the motor generates. There are two ways to be able to stop. The first one is using the engine itself to make the scooter decrease in speed gradually before coming to a complete stop. 

The second one is a handbrake attached to the handle like a bike that depends on the hand strength of the rider when it comes to the force of the brake. Another feature is the push throttle, which makes it easier for riders to control the acceleration of the scooter instead of a turn handle like a motorcycle.

Additional Features

Razor Power Core E100S Seated Electric Scooter - Black/Red - FFP

The scooter also comes with a kickstand, so setting the bike almost anywhere is easy enough. The scooter also is a durable one for kids, teens, or anyone around 120 pounds and under. The scooter offers 60 minutes of riding time, and for riders who get tired quickly, the E100s come with a seat.

It makes the scooter look more like a bike, but the seat looks like the typical one found on a bicycle. The scooter also comes with a bit of space on the chair’s back where small bags or baskets can fit storage. 

Final Thoughts

The E100s is one of the most comfortable scooters to ride available on the market. The electric motor provides sufficient power and battery life to be able to go to nearby places quickly. It actually can be a substitute for a bike or motorcycle scooter for everyday use. If the rider lives in a city environment where everything is near each other, better. 

The E100s is the perfect electric scooter to zip through daily errands around the city. It is a little on the pricier side at $180.99, but the quality and durability of the bike make it a worthy investment for years to come.  Do note that even though the scooter is very safe to ride, protective gear is still recommended, especially for children ages 12 and below. 

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