Tony Hawk Skateboard Reviews

Tony Hawk Skateboard Reviews

Are you having difficulty in choosing what type of beginner skateboard you should purchase? Even with ample research, settling on the right choice among the vast options can be overwhelming. Try not to worry! Legendary American skateboarder Tony Hawk has a couple of skateboards in the market for those seeking a comfortable ride in style.

Let us look at the Tony Hawk skateboard series, skateboards that promise a tremendous overall boarding experience no matter your skill level.

Features & Product Points to Know

You can customize the board to suit whatever you and your needs, but here are some of the average features you can get when purchasing a new skateboard:

  • This 31” complete skateboard gives you a great experience when it comes to traveling, entertainment, and sport.
  • It features standout graphics that will set you apart from the crowd.
  • Its three-inch wheels give you a better and smoother overall ride across all surfaces, dampening bumps and uneven road surfaces.
  • No assembly is needed. They come prebuilt with the original parts.

Why We Love It

31 inch Tony Hawk Skateboard, Tony Hawk Signature Series 3, Metallic Graphics & 9-ply Maple Desk Skate Board for Cruising, Carving, Tricks and Downhill, Hawk Engine (ABO31S3TH-HEN-STK-1)

Generally, beginner skateboards are made for easier maneuverability due to their more expansive decks and more prolonged than regular boards. The Tony Hawk boards are proven to be high quality for a great value. Although it is generally more targeted towards beginners, both children, and teens, the regular-sized board also allows adults to use it. 

Its market includes beginners seeking a new hobby or professionals looking for a more relaxing cruise while showing off a few tricks.

Like any of its kind, the Tony Hawk complete skateboard is best suited for transportation or downhill skateboarding. It also boasts more control at higher speeds due to its wider wheelbase. This graphic longboard is also one of four designs available in Tony Hawk’s 31” complete skateboards. Due to its killer graphic designs, the Tony Hawk skateboard series  is a top seller among the beginner skateboards.

It features a board made from 31” x 8” 9-Ply Maple and 5” aluminum trucks. It also comes with 60x45mm PU stone ground cast wheels with radiused edges. A radiused edge means the wheels are shaped with a friendly, circular edge that travels across the road sideways much better than other edges, but it also gives way a bit earlier. That makes it very easy for users to lose speed by sliding at slower speeds or drifting the board sideways.

The Tony Hawk board series also has mild concave decks, designed to bring users better and more precise control while riding, turning, and doing tricks. It comes with industry-standard ABEC-5 bearings. Not only does this make the longboard cheap, but this also allows for lesser friction and more control.

Tony Hawk Graphic Choices

Honest Customer Reviews

31 inch Tony Hawk Skateboard, Tony Hawk Signature Series 3, Metallic Graphics & 9-ply Maple Desk Skate Board for Cruising, Carving, Tricks and Downhill, Hawk Engine (ABO31S3TH-HEN-STK-1)

Many shoppers buy Tony Hawk skateboards  mainly as gifts for their children interested in learning to skate, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Many users appreciate its relative ease of use and adjustability. The board’s durable black grip tape gives its users secure footing, which is needed especially for beginners who still fear falling. It also lets them cruise downhill without losing balance. The board can be easily adjusted, giving them more freedom to control their turns and tricks.

When it comes to the graphic, they love the bold design and sheer pinkness of the board. Some shoppers say it adds more character and encourages their children to go out and practice for more extended periods.


  • Excellent quality for a low price
  • Smooth ride
  • Standout design
  • The board is just the right length for most users.
  • It comes prebuilt, meaning less hassle for users.
  • Compatible with most standard skateboard tools, allowing for customization


  • The board can become too loose when adjusted.
  • Some users report not being able to balance themselves or turn the board due to the wobbling.

Should You Buy a Tony Hawk Skateboard?

Many brands offer quality longboards but in exchange for a high price tag. The Tony Hawk skateboard series is a cheap alternative to real skateboards that does not skimp on quality. If you’re looking for a complete to take on long, comfortable rides while not breaking the bank, this is the board for you!

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