Top 5 Best Skateboard Brands

Top 5 Best Skateboard Brands

The best skateboards may differ in terms of pricing, quality, ease of tricks, and even design. Of all the brands out there, some boards just bring the game to a whole new level. Here’s a list of the top five best skateboard brands of all time from the classics until today.

1. Element Skateboards

Element skateboards have been around for a long time as a widely-known manufacturer for skateboard enthusiasts. They do cost a lot more than other boards but it’s also because it is widely known and established. Proven to be high-quality and strong enough for hard riding and tricks paired up with an advanced setup. Its wheels are top-quality with bearings that keep the movement of your wheels rolling smoothly.

Element Section Complete Skateboard 7.75"
  • One (1) Element Skateboards Section Complete Skateboard from Element Skateboards
  • Deck Size: 7.7" x 31.5"

A lot of people are raving about it on Amazon as it delivers what it claims to be: expensive and high quality. Although it almost had a 5-star rating, a selected few have encountered problems with missing shock absorbers & stripped-out screw holes.

2. Plan B Skateboards

plan b skateboard brand leticia

Plenty of Plan B Skateboard users consider this brand to be on the “cool side” of the industry because of their affinity with hip clothes and unique customizations. Plan B’s original trucks & bearings aren’t as sturdy as Elements but its deck does hold up well. Plenty of beginner skateboard users keep the used deck and only replace the parts when they get an upgrade.

It’s a great deal for its price ranging from $50 and above. Customers love its tough seven-layer maple wood board that has minimal flexing. For sure, it is one of the toughest ones in the market.

3. Zero Skateboards

Zero Skateboard Complete Single Skull 8.25

It’s because of Zero Skateboards that counter-culture was associated with the skateboard community. They sport crazy pop-art & rebellious designs that stand out in any skate park. If you’re into skulls, goth, and punk designs, this one’s for you. Plus, its quality is comparable to Plan B skateboards with a price starting at $59.00.That’s a great deal if you’re looking for quality for the price.

Zero Skateboard Complete Single Skull 8.25
  • The Zero SINGLE SKULL Deck measures 8.25". Resin 7 Construction uses 100% Canadian maple veneer with a specialized Epoxy resin Glue. These boards are individually pressed which helps insure you get the same concave and curvature in every deck - making your deck more consistent and your tricks more consistent. Why is it better? Compared to a traditional deck it's stronger and offers better pop and longer deck life.
  • Core trucks are light weight and feature heavy duty aluminum with grade 8 steel kingpins and axles, as well as USA made bushings and pivot cups.

If you’re not sold to their designs, previous customers have: 98% of buyers recommend it. Some claim to even buy three to four boards a year from their first purchase. It’s not that it wears out easily but because it has become a collectible for fanatics of the sport. 

4. Blind Skateboards

For the veterans, Blind skateboards are their go-to boards. The company itself designs and creates its decks to attract dedicated fans. Its price goes up to $100 depending on the style and size but we love the durability it gives for its price. They make sure to use carbon steel to help keep your bearings rolling smoothly even after giving it a shock.

Blind Complete Skateboards (Bright Red/Teal,...
  • OG LOGO BRIGHT RED/TEAL: Start rolling right with the Blind Matte OG Logo Bright Red/Teal Complete 7.75 x 31.2. This set-up is designed and intended for those just starting out with smaller riders in mind. Manufactured with high quality components of a traditional 7-ply maple wood Blind deck, Blind 92A 52mm wheels, Tensor trucks, shielded bearings and phillips head hardware. Comes ready to ride straight out of the box. Perfect for cruising through the skatepark and skating through the streets.
  • FIRST PUSH PSYCHEDELIC GIRL: Go for a trip on this Blind psychedelic girl complete. Completely assembled, gripped and ready to roll. Awesome quality board from an iconic brand. 7.625" wide - Tensor trucks and Blind wheels. This set-up is designed and intended for youngsters just starting out or smaller riders in general.

Some customers have compared it and noticed it is larger than the average board. Some also love that it is sound as it rolls quietly on most surfaces. They also claim this board is great for tight corners because of its good traction.

5. CCS Skateboards

CCS Logo and Natural Wood Skateboard Completes - Fully Assembled (Blank Natural Wood, 8.0)

Manufactured CCS Skateboards have been popular since the 80s and have expanded from California to provide great boards nationwide. 

Their boards will range from $69-$84 and it’s great for park skating. It is also hassle-free since you can replace the wheels whenever you want. Pivot smoothly wherever you turn because of the flexibility of the rubber rings installed in the bushings.

[CCS] Blank Skateboard Complete - Maple Wood...
  • → COMPLETE & FULLY ASSEMBLED: The skateboard comes fully assembled, ready to ride right directly out of the box.
  • → A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: Yes, it's from the same CCS that has been supplying skaters worldwide since 1985. We know you and you know us, you've got nothing to worry about.

Plenty of customers were attracted to the brand because of its relatively affordable price and it did not disappoint. Lots of users appreciate its nice medium concave with an equal nose/tail kicker that they use for switch skating. You can do your tricks and turns without a fuss.

Final Thoughts

With in influx of skateboard brands without much information available on them, it’s important to select a skateboard from a brand that has history and knowledge in the skate industry. The brands spoken of here Zero, CCS, Blind, Plan B, and Element are the cream of the crop. All of these brands deliver quality products, and support the skateboarding scene sponsoring young riders and build the future of skateboarding.

Any of the products from these skate brands will be proven and reliable. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro looking for a better board, these are tried and tested brands that won’t disappoint.

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