weskate skateboards review

WeSkate Skateboards Review

Picking a skateboard isn’t easy, especially if it’s you’re the first time. You might be worried about spending too much on a bad board. All the while, it would be harder to use one that doesn’t work right no matter how cost-efficient it is.

Thanks to Amazon, the skateboard industry is still blooming as more and more interested skateboarders, and returning enthusiasts are purchasing. It’s just a matter of what to buy, and we’re here to let you in on the best boards offered on Amazon. One of them is the Standard WeSkate Skateboard.

Important Product Features

WeSkate Skateboards for Teens & Adults Beginners - 31 Inch Complete Standard Skateboard for Girls Boys Kids,7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Deck Element Cruiser Skateboards

WeSkate Skateboards are popular on Amazon, and they have an excellent rating so far. Here are some of the essential features it claims to have.


The board is made of a Canadian maple deck, a standard material for skateboards. What’s great is its eight inches deck width that works great for beginners and kids. More expansive decks mean a bigger landing space when doing ollies and tricks. It does turn slower and will be easier to track with your eyes.

It is made up of seven layers, also called 7-ply. In comparison, it is lighter than an eight or nine-ply skateboard. It’ll be easier to carry around but, of course, may not be able to support advanced tricks and rough landings. Caution must be practiced when using it for professional stunts.

For graphics, a lot of parents and their kids appreciate its child-friendly design. That doesn’t imply that adults aren’t buying it, but the company goes for a fun and engaging board design. Their eye-catching boards depict robots, galaxies, and pink tones.


The wheels are pre installed and ready to cruise in around rough surfaces. The product description says they make use of 55mm 85A Polyurthrane Wheels with ABEC-11 bearings. The wheels fall under the category of “soft wheels,” which is great for beginners because it slows things down.

Whether you’re learning to land, turn, or just cruise, softer wheels make it easier because it has more friction. Just remember that hard wheels are better for power sliding and faster tricks.

The bearings might move too fast for some at an ABEC-rating of 11. If you want the board to go slower, try replacing or buying ABEC-5 (standard rating). 

Grip Tape

For the most part, the grip tape is also a standard waterproof non-slip paper. The rougher the surface, the more grip for your shoes, but if you’re worried about damaging your soles too much, you can always use sandpaper. Previous customers have had no bad experiences with its traction so far.

Deck Graphics & Colors

Why We Love It

WeSkate Skateboards for Teens & Adults Beginners - 31 Inch Complete Standard Skateboard for Girls Boys Kids,7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Deck Element Cruiser Skateboards

At only $39.99, it’s a great beginner skateboard for kids looking to get involved in the skateboard community or adults trying out the sport. Here’s a summary of why we love it and some cons to consider before buying it.


  • Cost-efficient. At only $39.99, you get a complete & standard skateboard.
  • It Has a wide board for big feet and safer landing.
  • The wheels are suitable for cruising on bumpy roads.
  • It Comes with Standard grip tape for good traction.


  • Seven-ply board might not tolerate extreme stunts & tricks.
  • Wheels aren’t for smooth surfaces.
  • There are limited design options.

Why Get a WeSkate Skateboard?

Why get a Weskate Skateboard? If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly board on a budget, this one’s for you. The graphics may not be as excellent as other boards, but the practice is the most important part of skateboarding. 

It’s guaranteed to give a fun experience for your kids without the fuss of assembling and attaching the parts individually. Open the package, and it’s ride-and-go.

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