What Age Are Stunt Scooters For?

Your child may have acquired an interest in freestyle scootering. As a result, they wanted to learn more about stunt scooter riding.

Freestyle scootering is a popular sport among children in which riders use stunt scooters to execute other acrobatics and tricks in skateparks or on the streets.

If you want to understand further what a stunt scooter is, what ages stunt scooters are suitable for, when your child should start to learn to ride a stunt scooter, and how you can teach your kids to ride a stunt scooter, then this is the article for you.

Why Choose a Stunt Scooter?

A stunt scooter is a tougher variant of a regular kick scooter. A pro scooter is usually not height adjustable and cannot be folded. 

This scooter is heavier than a standard kick scooter and generally features a sophisticated compression mechanism. As a result, stunt scooters are ideal for stunts and vert riding. 

Because of the coordination and motor skills required, stunt scooters are best suited for children aged at least 5 years old and up. 

If your children have already begun to execute little leaps on their scooters, standard scooters are not designed for this and must be replaced to perform tricks.

What are the Best Ages for Starting with a Stunt Scooter?

As previously mentioned, most stunt scooters were designed for youngsters aged 8 and up. However, as the demand for stunt scooters among younger riders grows, more stunt scooters for children aged 5, 6, and 7 are becoming available.

Younger, lighter children will not require a stunt scooter to be as powerful; thus, the finest stunt scooters for them will be less expensive. A stunt scooter can be purchased at the age of five.

Therefore, you’ll want to opt for a scooter with a handlebar that comes up to approximately waist height or below on a smaller child. In this way, it will allow them to enjoy the experience completely. The scooter may be difficult to manage if the handlebar is too high.

The scooter must be as light as feasible. Since stunt scooters must be powerful and durable, they have heavier parts. However, a stunt scooter that is too heavy will be too tough for a kid to learn stunts. That’s why stunt scooters are suitable for kids at a specific age.

How Does a Child Learn with a Stunt Scooter?

To properly learn new jumps and tricks on a stunt scooter, you’ll need more energy and effort. Hence, here are some of the few skills that kids may learn while riding a stunt scooter.

Balance and Direction

Stunt scooters build a child’s balance and direction, which is just one of the many things they may learn. A strong kick is what propels a scooter forward, but balance is what steers it. 

Scooters teach toddlers how to balance by utilizing their weight, which helps them build upper-body strength. Doing acrobatics and tricks on this scooter style will undoubtedly improve your child’s balance and sense of direction.

Cognitive Skills

Making their judgments and thinking for themselves is something that children like. Scooting provides youngsters with the flexibility and independence to create and implement their ideas.

When youngsters are given the freedom to make their own choices, they believe they can succeed. Exploring a scooter allows youngsters to test their talents and engage in play, which helps develop their creativity!

Motor Skills 

Keeping this in mind, a stunt scooter can assist in developing both sets of motor skills that children require in everyday life. Any activity that requires a youngster to use their muscles is called motor skills.

Kids may improve their coordination, endurance, and general strength by riding a scooter. Children will have more energy for other activities if they participate in more endurance exercises.

Furthermore, honing these abilities on a scooter will aid future pursuits that require steering, braking, and balancing, such as riding a bike.


Riding a stunt scooter entails participating in more extreme activities. Therefore, it is always encouraged that riders, children, or adults wear a helmet and other protective equipment such as knee and elbow pads. As a result, children will better understand the need to safeguard their bodies and the repercussions of failing to do so.

A Fun Activity for Children to Learn and Stay Healthy

Children may use stunt scooters as young as five years old. There are even scooters designed expressly for their height. In this way, children may learn tricks and jump conveniently.

Indeed, riding a stunt scooter has several health benefits, particularly for children as they learn and grow. Of course, as with any activity, there are always risks. But surely, the advantages far exceed the bumps and scrapes with the proper equipment and supervision.

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