What Are Some Pro Scooter Brands?

What Are Some Pro Scooter Brands?

Pro scootering hasn’t been around all that long, I would say my kids first discovered the concept of scooters in a skatepark about 4 or 5 years ago. We’d go to the local park jungle gym area and see kids soaring out of ramps on scooters at the nearby skatepark. All to the dismay of the neighborhood skateboarders.

Fast forward to now and pro scooters, stunt scooters, trick scooters or whatever else you like to call them have become more popular but still not something everyone has heard of. If someone in your family has been bitten by the scootering bug and you’re looking to get one this article will guide you through some of the best pro scooter brands.

What are some of pro scooter brands? While the scene has changed over the last few year here are some brands.

Pro Scooter Brands List

Below you’ll see a full list of stunt scooter brands, some of which are hardcore serious brands who are engineering scooters for competition and others who are making more mass market products for the beginner to intermediate audience.


The scooter company that develops products to improve the experience of riding a freestyle scooter. This brand falls inline with being one of the brands catered towards advanced riding.


AO scooters is another pros brand making high quality scooters for riders who are serious about the sport. Geared towards street riding AO recently released a 7″ wide deck.


Apex Pro Scooters is scooter brand from Australia, that creates high quality scooter products from decks, bars, brakes, bar ends, forks, pegs, and more. They are well known for their attention to detail and quality.


Arcade is newer brand but they were quickly recognized as makers of one of the best beginner level scooters. Currently they make 3 different complete scooters, ranging in price from about $60 to $120.


Crip Scooters is one of the original brands having been around since the beginning of the industry. Its seems that recently they are remerging with a goal of targeting beginner riders on to high level riders. Creating quality scooters for every style of riding.


Drone Scooters from England delivers premium quality freestyle stunt scooters. Each stunt scooter is developed by riders for riders. They have put in countless hours, designing and testing their complete scooters and components before they hit the market.


Envy Pro Scooters exploded on the scene making a huge i


Ethic scooters makes w


Fasen scooters


Fuzion pro scooters


Havoc scooters


Longway scooters


Lucky pro scooters

Madd Gear



North Scooters


Phoenix pro scooters


Razor worldwide

Root Industries

Root Industries


Vokul scooters

Wrapping Up

There you have it, here is a complete list of pro scooter brands for 2022.

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