What is the Difference between a Stunt Scooter and a Normal Scooter?

You might be asking what the difference is between a stunt scooter and a regular scooter if you’re searching for a new way to move around town.

The differences will vary because their designs will serve a specific function. You should first assess your needs to avoid wasting money since the prices will also differ. We’ll help you decide on that by comparing a traditional kick scooter and a trick scooter.

Although both types of scooters can be fun to ride, there are some key differences that you should know about before you make your purchase. An important aspect you should note is their weight, especially if you’re buying it for your child. 

Who knows, right? One scooter may be better than the other regarding your needs. So let’s take a look at the most important things to consider when choosing the better scooter for you.

Stunt Scooter Features

Although a stunt scooter will still be lightweight, you’ll notice that it will be heavier than your normal scooter. Its parts will be more compact, and the materials used to make it will be steel instead of aluminum. If you look closely, even the core of its wheels will be metal, unlike the ones you’ll see on a traditional scooter. 

A stunt scooter’s wheels are smaller because it’s not designed to be used for longer distances when it comes to size. The scooter will be more durable overall, but some parts are smaller to allow riders to apply more tricks. Its features focus more on how it can withstand an impact than for travel purposes.

You’ll also see that their handlebars are not foldable and are rather in a fixed t-shape. You won’t have the option to adjust its height, unlike a normal scooter. Since it’s a scooter made for doing tricks, having a firm handle is needed to prevent people from getting in any accidents while using it.

You may have seen it coming, but even stunt scooters’ mainframe won’t be foldable. Take note of any folding mechanism that you’ll see in a scooter because this can be a good reference when identifying the type of scooter you’re getting. It’s better to be aware since it can get dangerous if the wrong scooter gets used for the wrong purpose.

Because of the materials used, stunt scooters can get more expensive than normal scooters. The price can even vary a lot depending on the specs. Those for professional use may have a threadless fork and a compression system. 

They can also be equipped with a headset since some parts need to come together to function well. With all these additionals, it’s no doubt it can add to the costs. However, it’s also safe to say that more expensive scooters will be better for long-term usage.

Normal Scooter Features

Generally, a traditional kick scooter will be lighter than a stunt scooter because of its components. You’ll have a hard time if you try using it for tricks since they’re not suitable to do any of these. They can easily break upon impact, given that the materials used to make them are not that durable.

Their wheels will be larger than a stunt scooter but smaller than an e-scooter. Instead of metal cores, normal scooter’s wheels will have a plastic core, which is mainly useful when traveling on smooth surfaces. It’ll also have a better rolling capacity and shock absorption because of the size, giving you a comfortable ride.

Some normal kick scooters will have a smaller size, even if they aren’t designed to do tricks. The advantage is that they’ll be easier to control when speeding up or slowing down. On the other hand, riders will feel more vibration if they’re moving over rough surfaces, unlike with larger wheels.

Another feature that you may find useful from this scooter is its folding ability, both for the handle and the body. Bringing it with you or for your child will be more convenient since you can carry or store it easier than when it’s at its full form. Moreover, the adjustable setting for the handle is practical because it can help the user find a suitable height for their use.

Check out traditional kick scooters with a lower deck that will give you a smoother ride. They can be considered high-end, but they’ll give you a more comfortable drive. It’s a feature that won’t strain the supporting leg because it’ll be much easier to push and have better stability.

Remember, normal kick scooters are best efficient when used for travel because they are not durable. With cheaper parts, the total cost of buying or maintaining a standard kick scooter will also be less expensive. 

Deciding Which One You Want?

After knowing some of the features of a traditional kick scooter and stunt scooter, it’s also important to consider other factors. It’s a given that you’ll be taking into account your budget to know what kind you can afford. But more importantly, the buyer must note the rider’s age and how the person will use the scooter.

If you’re buying for your child, the youngest they can ride a stunt scooter is five years old. Since kick scooters are more beginner-friendly, it might be better for children to have this for starters. It’ll be easier to bring this to any family trip that you might have. 

However, if they’re at the age of wanting to spend time with other kids at the park, it’s better to get them a stunt scooter because you can expect they’ll try to do some tricks with these or mimic the older kids. Concerned parents are better left to talk with their kids about how they’ll play with the scooter since they also have different preferences. 

Scooters can be an effective alternative to bicycles when heading to work or commuting nearby. You’re better off buying the normal scooter if travel is your main reason for purchasing one. You’ll have more options with the sizes of the wheels, while you can also be more particular with the other components that can potentially improve your comfort during your rides.

Stunt scooters will generally cost more than normal scooters, but both will become more expensive when you start considering high-end scooters. But since the former has a wider price range, you still have the option of buying cheaper ones when you’re only starting. Although some scooters can be more pricey, it’s a better choice if you want to have a reliable one that can last longer.

Final Thoughts

There are variations between a stunt scooter and a normal scooter, mainly due to their different uses. The materials vary because stunt scooters need to be more durable to withstand jumps and many forms of impact. On the other hand, traditional scooters only need suitable components that’ll allow for a decent ride on smooth and rough surfaces.  

If it’s a form of transportation you need, owning a kick scooter is ideal because it will have larger wheels. Moreover, the folding mechanism is a really practical feature that’ll make moving and organizing your scooter easier. Note that this option isn’t available for stunt scooters, so think of this before purchasing.

Both of their prices can increase if there are more features on the scooter. So to maximize your money’s worth, choose the one that will serve practical for your needs. After reading this article, we hope you can now better decide what scooter to get.

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