What Kind of Scooter Should a 10 Year-Old Get?

When boys reach 10 years of age, it can get tricky to find the best scooter. Scooters are great equipment for them to go out and play. However, many questions come into mind about which kind of scooter will suit them. Even finding the right handlebar can be confusing. 

This blog will help you decide which is the best for your child to let you come up with the final decision. We have included various options such as stunt, kick, and electric scooters and provided the reasons for which scenarios they are best used for. 

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Stunt scooters

A beginner-level stunt scooter is best for a child who has no experience in riding a scooter. It is made with strong materials to be durable and sturdy enough to bear the impact of activities and tricks but lightweight enough for the child to manage it easily.

These scooters can also be ridden like a kick scooter to get to places. If your children are interested in performing tricks when they get more practice, this scooter will be ideal for them. 

Handlebars of these scooters are not adjustable and do not have a folding mechanism as these can make weak points and break when there’s a lot of stress from stunts and jumps.

Stunt scooters should be purchased according to your child’s height more than their age. If the handlebars are too high, it may prevent the skaters from performing tricks successfully. 

So, as a general rule, aim for a stunt scooter where the handlebar’s top is just leveled to the waist of your child.

Kick scooters

Kick scooters are a type of scooter for children who like going outside to enjoy the fresh air and go around places not too far from their house. 

These scooters are smooth, well-balanced, and foldable. If you reside in city areas and want your kids to go to school without buses, you can choose the kick scooter for them. In addition, they are cost-friendly and fun to ride.

Kick scooters can also be used to wander around pavements and roads, so they don’t have to stop around traffic. They are easy to use and can be used to get exercise too.

These scooters are great for riding downhill. However, it is hard to ride uphill. Nevertheless, riding kick scooters is still fun and faster than walking or jogging. 

Lastly, children do not have to be super healthy to manage to ride these scooters. It can contribute well to their health and the environment.

Electric scooters

Children’s best electric scooters can provide an inexpensive way for them to ride around the neighborhood. They are usually made with less durable plastic with weaker motors and even have low-energy batteries.

Compared to push scooters, these scooters come with a battery and motor to let your children scoot and cruise around without using their feet.

Electric scooters must be ridden in urban settings with less bulky roads and without steep hills. If it runs over dirt tracks, these scooters will go slower as the lumps and bumps may affect the scooter’s speed, and their tires may sink on the road. 

They require little effort because they are powered by a motor instead of your child’s legs. Electric motors can also go faster and slower according to the child’s preferences, making them great for small children.

With that said, electric scooters are great for children who can’t walk properly and have weak legs, as this helps them get around faster and more conveniently.

Deciding which is the best option

Now that you’ve read three types of scooters for a 10-year-old, here is the final part where you can decide which will work best for them.

Stunt scooter

Stunt scooters are the best choice for more athletic children and into extreme sports. They are built with reinforced strength, so they are heavier than other scooters. 

Compared to traditional scooters, they will love this because of their freestyle design and exceptional durability.

Electric scooter

There are many things to be said when it comes to the convenience of having a scooter that is speedy, slim, and available to your child all the time. It helps them go around places a lot easier and faster.

Whether your child is headed to their friend’s house or school quickly, the electric scooter is the one for them.

Besides, electric scooters are a great replacement for bicycles on every kid’s wish because they are thrilling, fast, convenient to use, and cheaper than common pedal-powered two-wheelers.

Kick scooter

If your kids want to go for short rides, the kick scooter’s weight wouldn’t be such a concern. They are easy to lift than big bikes weighing around 30  lbs at most. Also, lots of kick scooter models are foldable. 

They can grab their scooters easily while balancing their water jug with them, making its lightweight built a great advantage for small kids.

Wrapping up

Parents need to know the importance of keeping their children safe while still being active and enjoying their childhoods. That’s why we created this guide so that you can make an informed decision on which type of scooter will work best for your child.

However, consider your neighborhood situations, child’s preferences, and needs before purchasing a scooter. You might waste a great amount of money if you end up getting the wrong one. 

Scooters are enjoyable for the kids but also remember the safety and precautions, especially when your children are newbies in scooting.

Now that you have read about the kick scooter, stunt scooter, and electric scooter, I hope you can now decide which one is the best for your kids. We hope this blog has helped you with your buying decision.

Make the most out of your family bonding with your kids and their new ride! 

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