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Just starting your journey of buying a new scooter? Well, you’re in the right place! Our buying guides can teach you on just about everything you need know about scooters. Looking for a low cost pro scooter that still delivers value? Read the one of our  “Best Cheap Pro Scooters” Guides. Or are you interested in a big wheel scooter more appropriate for an adult? The check out the “Best Adult Kick Scooters & Brands” Guide.

Best Pro Scooters Under $200

You may have a lot of fun freestyling on your scooter, but you won’t be able to do it on a regular scooter. They’re too big and unbalanced to pull off tricks and stunts effectively. They’re not the best place to start, but you can work with them. The popularity of freestyle scooters has led to the creation of stunt scooters specifically balanced for stunts. …

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Best Pro Scooters under $150

Scooters have evolved and developed throughout the years. It started as a toy that toddlers use to zip through parks and streets. Today, it ranges from being used by kids to everyday commuters to extreme sports. Scooters have developed a following of millions of people.  Some individuals have even found a way to make a living out of professionally riding these things. Regardless of skill…

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Best Adult Kick Scooters & Brands

Who says the fun stops when you grow older? Countless grownups are settling on kick scooters for commuting to work or for essentially having a great time on the roads or in parks. Presently there are innumerable varieties of these everywhere, and picking the most appropriate one for you can be a slight bit confusing. Before digging into the subtleties of the best adult kick…

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Best Pro Scooters Under $50

You want to buy a pro scooter, but you have a tight budget. What should you do? Should you just opt for a regular kick scooter or is it possible to get a decent pro scooter complete for under the $50 price point? In this buying guide we are going to show you the best available scooters that will hold up to tricks and the…

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Best Pro Scooters & Brands

So you are in the market for a pro scooter? When it comes to making a decision you want to make sure you get the best pro scooter for the rider. The best scooter for an 8 year old is going to be different from the best scooter for a 10 or 15 year old. Being a parent to children of different ages I know…

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Best Pro Scooters Under $100

Your child has been begging you for a scooter but not just any scooter, they specifically keep saying a pro scooter! They might also use terms like stunt scooter, trick scooter, or freestyle scooter. All these scooter types are synonymous with a scooter that is made to do tricks on. A pro scooter is one that is a lot higher quality than the cheap razor…

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Complete Pro Scooter Reviews

Close to making a decision on a Pro Scooter, but not quite there yet? We created an extensive collection of pro stunt scooter reviews to help you narrow down your options and find the best scooter for yourself, or your kids. We review the most popular products in the stunt scooter segment!

Root Industries Type R Pro Scooter Review

Are you finding that your kids are progressing quickly in scooter riding? Maybe you want to reward their hard work with an upgraded scooter, if  you are perhaps thinking of an excellent gift for their birthday?  You might want to consider getting them one of the best scooters on the market that is still suitable for kids! Root Industries is known for its high-grade reputation…

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Fuzion X3 Pro Scooter Review

Are you looking for the best beginner-friendly pro scooter with impressive features to level up your child’s skills? Or are you interested in entering your son or daughter into the kick scooter riding scene? If so then the Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter is probably going to be the absolute best option for you and your kids skills while they advance. First released on October 11,…

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Vokul K1 Pro Scooter Review

The Vokul K1 pro scooter is one of the most affordable scooter options for intermediate riders. It highlights are the 110mm hurricane wheels and a more durable and stronger deck. This scooter’s fork is built from the best quality aluminum having a grade of 6061. Riders will find the triple bolt clamp to provide the maximum amount of lockdown and safety. The Vokul K1 is…

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Arcade PLUS Pro Scooter Review

The Arcade Pro Scooters Plus model is an ideal scooter for intermediate kids aged 10 years and up. It is built stronger and there are additional anodized aluminum pegs for more tricks. It contains an upgraded reinforced handlebar and a dynamic design that will surely make your kids look cool while they’re hitting the skatepark. Other features include a strong 3D-stamped fork, custom neck, head…

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Hiboy ST-1S Pro Scooter Review

Parent of a young rider looking for a new scooter? Or an experienced rider looking to upgrade to a stunt scooter? The Hiboy ST-1s Pro Scooter might be what you are looking for. Hiboy ST-1 Pro Scooter is a stunt scooter manufactured by Freeman under the Hiboy brand. It was initially released to the market on October 11, 2020. Since it released It has been…

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Arcade Rogue Pro Scooter Review

With the pandemic easing up and the vaccines are getting to the places needed. Public areas are starting to open up again, and with that comes the opening of skate parks. A lot of you guys may have developed a new hobby or are trying to find one. If you reside in the latter, then maybe hanging out in the skate park and whipping up…

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Adult Kick Scooter Reviews

Adult Kick Scooters are becoming increasingly popular in metro areas where owning a car is more of a hassle than a convenience. However, deciding on a scooter can be almost as difficult as shopping for car. We take all the leg work out of the process and create in depth reviews on the best kick scooters for adults.

Xootr Cruz Scooter Review

Scooters are widely used not just by kids or teens but by adults as well. Hence why many manufacturers and companies created their own adult scooters to meet the demand. However, with the various options available in the market, how can you choose the best. To get an answer to that, please check out this review.  Scooters are not new, and you can say that…

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Hurtle Renegade Scooter Review

The Hurtle Renegade scooter is one of the best models for the average commute. The slick scooter is perfect for traversing through short distances in the urban jungle. This scooter is not just for kids but for adults as well. Its many features and durability make it a steal for the price it goes for in the market. Continue reading to know more about the…

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Xootr Dash Scooter Review

Simple, slick, robust scooter design, you say? Need something for commuting, outdoor leisure, and bonding with kids? Then search no more; Xootr Dash Adult Scooter is what you need. Highlighted Features and Specifications If there are elites in the scooter industry, Xootr is unarguably one of them. Their release of Xootr Dash Adult Kick Scooter raised the bar of quality on an exceedingly high scale….

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Hudora 205 Adult Scooter Review

Scooter takes commuting into a different form of convenience. It is significantly evident in the rising trend of portable scooters in the market and its increasing user number. But what does it take to make up a fantastic portable scooter? Made by the leading German brand in sports, this scooter might be your much-needed traveling partner.  Here are its best features and specifications: Highlighted Features…

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Razor A6 Scooter Review

Scooters have made a comeback in recent times. A lot of kids today have preferred this ride over the revolutionary advancements in technology like hoverboards and boost boards. I guess you can’t beat the classics. Today we look at the Razor A6 Scooter. We take a look at why people like it and what features it presents us with. Continue reading to know more about…

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CityGlide C200 Scooter Review

This scooter is simply the best. Whether you’re a kid, a tall one, or maybe just a kid at heart, the CityGlide C200 scooter is the best scooter to ride on when traversing the concrete jungle. This new ride would give you the luxury of getting where you are with style and grace. This scooter is for all ages and covers and versatile enough for…

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Skateboard Reviews

Looking for a skateboard? We’ve created an excellent buyers guide for beginners getting into skateboarding and reviewed the most popular skateboards on Amazon. Check the detailed reviews out below

Tony Hawk Skateboard Reviews

Are you having difficulty in choosing what type of beginner skateboard you should purchase? Even with ample research, settling on the right choice among the vast options can be overwhelming. Try not to worry! Legendary American skateboarder Tony Hawk has a couple of skateboards in the market for those seeking a comfortable ride in style. Let us look at the Tony Hawk skateboard series, skateboards…

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WeSkate Skateboards Review

Picking a skateboard isn’t easy, especially if it’s you’re the first time. You might be worried about spending too much on a bad board. All the while, it would be harder to use one that doesn’t work right no matter how cost-efficient it is. Thanks to Amazon, the skateboard industry is still blooming as more and more interested skateboarders, and returning enthusiasts are purchasing. It’s…

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Metroller Skateboards Review

Are you planning on learning what it takes to be a skilled skateboarder? If you want your feet in the air doing some twists, you’ll be needing a sturdy board. Luckily, Amazon sports some great finds, and one of those is the Metroller Skateboard. The Metroller skateboard is a complete and standard skateboard for girls and boys and kids to adults. You can get them…

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Minority Skateboards Review

Skateboarding is a fun activity, even though it is a bit complicated to learn it. If you just recently discovered the fun in skateboarding, then get yourself the Minority 32-inch Maple Skateboard. Minority Maple Skateboard is one of the best choices for professional skateboarders because of its durability and strength. Why Choose Minority Maple Skateboard? Minority brand specializes in different types of skateboard that is…

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CCS Skateboards Review

The skateboard market is competitive. Iconic brands try to push their designs without missing their notable features. CCS has been around 30 years and has expanded from its humble beginnings in San Luis Obispo, California, to give us the boards we now know today. Let’s look at some of the details that make CCS-manufactured skateboards stand out. Features & Product Points to Know The boards…

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Cal 7 Skateboards Review

Skateboarding involves a lot of cool moves and tricks that make many people amaze and awestruck. It is no wonder that many people love it and it becomes one of the most popular activities in the street. Since it was first introduced, this active sport keeps getting popular and widespread. Hence, you can see almost all neighborhoods have skateparks where many people visit.  If you’re…

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Top Brands

These days there are so many new brands on the market it can be hard to tell whos who. Believe it or not Brand is probably more important than ever. The reason being it’s easier than ever to make a brand, which means there are a lot of pretenders who push out junky products.

We pride ourselves in researching brands as best we can to only recommend the good ones, that stand behind the products they produce.

A Little About Me

Hi my name is Tiffany. A fun loving momma to two awesome kids. My world revolves around them! A few summers ago my son was obsessed with scooters and the skatepark. Throughout the process we went through a few different scooters before we found something just right. With my experience in blogging and using pinterest, I created StuntScooterSmart as something enjoyable for my son and I to do together, while helping other parents find good products.